Wednesday, January 11, 2017


What's on my workspace.  A mess!!  A big hot mess!!!  But that means I have been creating!  Working on Valentine's Day Cards.  And I plan to keep making some today and maybe complete a layout or two.  And launder sheets and towels.

It is too cold out for man or beast.  It was minus 19F earlier, with a feels like minus 31F.
The sun is shining brightly out there today, though.  I plan to stay hibernated until dinner time.
Meeting up with friends for dinner.

Have a couple of photos of Coop from Sunday, when the grandkids were all here.  He really is into helping these days.  I was making pancakes for lunch.  Knew this is something they love and will gobble up.  Cooper wanted to help, so he did help mix them up.  But I don't want him near the heat of cooking them.  He put on grandpa's apron, and just about had a tizzy where he saw some dried old food.  So, it went in the laundry basket immediately after taking it off.

Booked a flight to go and visit Cait in February, as Alaskan airlines was having their sale.  Was planing to take the train, but it is just about as cheap with the sale and get there a whole lot quicker.  She has managed to catch another cold, so she better get herself healthy.

Posting one of my Valentine cards.
Linking it up with SSS Monday Challenge- Get Square
And Memory Box challenge- Winter Blues.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Week in the Life of Me!

As usual it's been a busy week.  It is still cold!   Hovering around the 0F mark!   Today the grandkids are here to keep us busy and on our toes.

MOnday brought an end to the Christmas decorations.  I still had Caitlin here to start the day and help to tote some boxes.  It is amazing how quickly it can all come down and be stored away.  I still have my snowman village, because it is obviously still winter around here.  

Late Monday afternoon we headed up to the airport to put Cait back on her plane to Seattle.  Her plane was late and makes her a nervous Nelly.  But she arrived back safe and sound and I sure miss having her around.  

Tuesday I headed into work.  As usual when I enter the doors of the NICU it was a very busy day.  The afternoon before, they said I would probably just be on call.  Like right!!!!!   Overnight they admitted 2 and we brought in another, so they obviously needed me.  

My beautiful flowers from my anniversary.

Wednesday And Thursday, was just generally picking up.  Putting furniture back in the room I had just repainted and going through some boxes.  It always seems forever getting picked up from Christmas.  

Friday, brought us heading out of town.  We headed to Bozeman for a memorial service.  It was the mum of a good college friend of Curtis. His friend and his wife live in Pheonix and we haven't seen them in about8 years so there was lots of catching up to do.    We were there all afternoon and had dinner with the family.  Was able to fit in a quick run to Costco.  Thankfully the roads were pretty much bare and dry.  

Yesterday was a day to catch up on laundry.  Made it in my scrap room and started to think about Valentine Day cards.  

The most I have created in quite a while was an anniversary card for my hubby.  

 Linking it up to Simon Says blog challenges.
Mondays is to Start Afresh- use something fresh out of the package.
Wednesdays is New Something- new crafty stash, new baby, new job, etc.  

Mine is a stamp I had not used or even opened the package from Avery Elle
And also the paper from a new pack of Simple Stories collection Winter Wonderland

Monday, January 2, 2017

A Brand New Year! 2017

Here we are off into a brand new year! No resolutions or goals set here.    For us it meant a winter storm with snow, blowing and drifting!  It snowed all day!  And now we will get to experience bitter cold temps.  

The last week of 2016 proved to be sickly for the Barrow clan.  Cait came home sick from Seattle and managed to share her germs with all of us, except Harlee.  She managed to escape this round of crud.  

Despite being under the weather I managed to repaint Cait's old room.  It went from Granny Smith Apple Green to mostly cream- called Apricot Blossom.  And one salmon coloured wall- Social Butterfly.  Quite a change.  And it required two coats of paint going over that wild colour.  It was about time.  I've only had the paint for about a year and a half.  I needed someone to help move the heavy furniture.  There is a lofted bed with storage under it in that room!  Curtis says it goes with the house.   Yesterday we ran to Home Depot for base board.  Now if I can move the mountain to get it in place!  Cait put together a IKEA storage unit where I can keep my scrapbook albums.  And Kirsten and I already exchanged desks and now I have a smaller one for the room.  I can hardly wait to see the transformation.

Cait flies back today.  She has helped out a lot this week and she has recuperated.  She made dinners, while I was painting away.  I miss her terribly out in Seattle.  Will have to try and get out there more this next year.  I cooked up a turkey yesterday.  Sent some to Kirsten's house to have after she worked all weekend.  

Curtis and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this past week.  32 years together.  We went off to the movies to see Rogue 1.  Pretty ominous as it was the same day Carrie Fisher passed away and she made a cameo appearance in the movie.  And it even worked out it was cheap matinee afternoon at the theatre.  Cait joined us.  Cait also took me to see Fantastic Beasts on New Years Eve Day.  I don't think I have ever seen so many movies in such a short span of time.  

Hopefully I will get to blogging more frequently now I can use my IPad again and the holiday season is behind us.  Today the decorations start to come down.  Makes me sad.  But I now have a new TV for my craft space which I will enjoy.  Thank you Curtis.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Another Boxing Day.

The day after Christmas will always be Boxing Day to me.  Cait and I headed out to a couple of stores and were back by lunch time!

It was a wonderful Christmas weekend. Filled with family, good food and great presents.  

Kirsten and her clan came over on Christmas eve after working most of the day.  It was fondu for dinner and buffet.  Thanks to Cutis for the family snap shot!

I woke up early on Christmas and enjoyed the tree in peace and quiet with a cup of java.

We had lots of fresh snow for Christmas Day which made for slippery streets.  

We had a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon, homemade sweet rolls and hash browns before we attacked the presents under the tree.

I actually finished The tree skirt for Kirsten.  I also made 4 table runners and 5 pillow cases and made about 50 Christmas cards.  

One always needs a photo after Christmas has been unwrapped!
I hope everyone enjoyed their day as much as we did.  We have been so blessed and I am very thankful.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Visit with Santa!

Kirsten and I headed out to take the grandkids to go and see Santa.  She hates going to the mall Santa.  They charge an arm and a leg for a crappy poloroid photo. And won't let you take photos unless you pay for theirs.  Thankfully there were a couple of other options in town.

Cooper was all excited to see Santa getting out of the car.  Previously he hasn't wanted to go visit him at all.  But once inside he was distracted with the toys and that was it.  Nic decided he didn't want to see him, either!  It's always a crap shoot with these kids!

But in the end, we ended up with dome decent photos!  

Cait flew in late that evening, as usual she comes home sick for the holiday.  It's just good to have her home.  
We had the grandkids here yesterday, while their folks were hard at work.  Pretty good day.  I went out and faced the grocery store to get my groceries for the next few days.  Their produce truck had not arrived and they were almost out of lots of fruit and veggies.  Luckily there was another store down the road I was able to get my produce.  
Got my cookies trays delivered and made one up for us, too!
We are supposedly under a winter storm watchand to get 5-8 inches of snow.  Waiting to see the action! 
In the meantime, enjoying the lights of our Christmas tree with a good cup of coffee.