Friday, January 31, 2014

January is almost out the Door!

Whoooosh.........  January is gone and tomorrow starts a new month!
I have had a busy day getting my house picked up today.   Changed sheets on the bed and washed them.  Cleaned my bathrooms.  Vacuumed the upstairs floors and wiped the wood floors dwn.  Kirsten and the baby came over after lunch and ran a few errands, since my rig is still out of commission.  Curtis got home safe, although there were several crashes before he got out of Missoula.  He will be out to get new tires tomorrow.
No time for creating today, just bill paying!

Sharing a few photos from Harlee's birthday!

I found these cute Lego figures to put on her cake.  
Harlee loves Lego and she loves Merida from Brave.
She was thrilled to see Merida on her cake and be able to take them home after and play with them.

Special artwork her auntie made for her.  She loved all the art supplies she sent in a big box.

The new bike was a big hit, especially with it being Monsters High!

She got 3 new figures for the Disney Infinity and they were all girls!

And we got to Skype with Antie so she could feel like she was here too!

All in all, a good celebration minus Tim and Papa!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Birthday Celebrations!

Today we celebrated Kirsten's birthday. 27 years ago she just wanted to cook inside her mama. I went 2 1/2 weeks overdue with her. Maybe that is why she is still so stubborn today! She has a lot of creative talent. She's turned into a great cook. And trying hard to be an awesome mama to 3 little munchkins.

I took her and Tim out for lunch today! She can sit and relaxant enjoy her birthday lunch without all the kids around.

She took me to the tire shop to get my tire checked out. It cannot be repaired, so waiting for Curtis to get home and we will be buying new tires!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's a Happy Birthday Day!

January 29th, seven years ago, Harlee came into our lives.  She was born with pixie dust and remains our little princess!  This post is all about you!
She is sweet.  She does well in school.  Still missing lots of teeth.  She is lot like her auntie.
She likes to do art projects.  She is currently a Girl Scout.  She is also doing cheer leading.  She loves to read.  She can be kind of a picky eater. She loves to be a mother to her baby brother.  And she makes him giggle.   She is still petite, but look at those long gangly legs.  She has beautiful eyes-the same as her auntie.  She loves to come to Nana's.
And we love her to death. She loves Disney as much as the rest of us!
How can she be seven, already!  Those years have flown by. 

It's been an interesting afternoon.  Kirsten brought the kids here after school.  Around dinner I went out to the garage and there was this hissing sound!  It was one of my tires!   We celebrated Harlee's birthday with cake and opening presents!  We skyped with Auntie Cait while she was opening gifts!  The princess was thrilled!  She liked seeing the Merida Lego on her cake!  The look on her face when I wheeled in her bike was priceless!  Kirsten and Tim's good friend, John came to change the tire.  And he also took them home for me.  It is snowing like crazy after raining all morning!  And then my dish washer door wouldn't latch!  I knew it was the top shelf.  Kirsten took the dang thing out and put it back in and voila, it shut!  Why do these things always happen when Curtis is on the other side of the state!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28

Another day has come and gone. I was out shopping this morning as we have family birthdays the next couple of days. Tomorrow is Harlee's and the following day is her mama's.
Curtis also thought our hot water heater was on the fritz so I called the plummer to check it out. He says it is a good tank and all seems fine at the moment. Not sure what was going on when Curtis was trying to take a shower this morning!
Kirsten and Cooper showed up after lunch and then I headed to her place at dinner time to watch the boys.
Harlee had her cheer leading class and Girl Scouts. It is almost cookie selling time!
Continuing to work on my Dec. book, although I didn't have much time to work on it today.

A page about the beautiful sunsets

The tree deserved a couple of pages

And the programs at school.

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27

It has been quite the day and I am glad that it is almost over. I am emotionally drained!!! Caitlin has been suffering with back pains for a while. It all started when her work place moved offices and they did not have her working at an appropriate desk. She is a tall gal and has been crunched over at her desk since late summer. She had been to see the Dr. and physio, but the last week things have escalated. And she just need to be more aggressive about getting some medical attention. She can barely walk! And she can't see the specialist until Feb.5.

It is times like this I hate her being so far away. She is so independent. But it is so frustrating for this mama far away. I know she is so physically and mentally run down.. but she got in to see the MD and he prescribed her some meds and she also got in for some physio. It all exhausts me too.

I also went into work for some in service and then to stay another hour for a gal. I got the laundry done that I forgot yesterday. Ironed some shirts for Curtis since he is back on the road tomorrow. Worked a tiny bit on my Dec. memory book which I will share here. And Kirsten and the kids visited after school.

I am using Simple Stories Snap album.

I did a page on the beginning of advent. I still need to fill in the Journaling.

The weather was a big topic for us in Dec. So cold!

Lots of photos of this little guy since it was his first Christmas!

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26

Today I ave been diligently working on my December memory book. With me being sick after Christmas and then working so much the last few weeks there has been no time to focus on it.

This morning Curtis and I headed to Walmart to pick out a birthday present for out little princess, Harlee. She wants a new bike. I guess she has learned to ride without training wheels. So, we chose for her a Monsters High bike that is purple and pink!

I came home and put some ribs in the crock pot for dinner. And then I escaped to my scrap space.

And it is back to being cold. They predicted snow, but we didn't get much here in Great Falls. Just a skiff!

Here is the cover:

And my first inside page:

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 25

I have been whipped today!  Didn't sleep good last night.  I woke up with all this goop in my throat about 3AM and was choking!  I just got up and about 4:45 fell asleep on the couch.  Curtis woke me  close to 7aM.
The grand kids were coming over.  We watched them while Kirsten wrote a test for a TSA job.  Nic helped me bake 2 batches of banana muffins. I sent one batch home with them.  Curtis took Harlee out for lunch since he will be gone this week when it is her birthday.
I am so tired this evening and will be hitting the hay early.  We are under a winter storm watch again with snow predicted for tomorrow.

Friday, January 24, 2014

January 24

Not much new.  Busted my butt at work today!  Pooped!   Not scheduled to go back until Feb.  Have worked more than my quota of shifts for Jan.  Registry staff get a bonus if they work 100 a quarter.  I have almost accomplished this working  95 hours this month.

Just a picture or two of my little virtuoso!

Music, Mr. Maestro, please!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23

Spent a lot of my day with Kirsten and Cooper.  We went out to Target to get diapers and wipes.  Also found a winter coat for Harlee for next winter.  It is purple, which she will love and it was half price.  They didn't have any in Nic's size, but we did at least got snow pants to put away.  And lots of gloves. Nic loses his like crazy.  Lately he has been wearing two different ones.  And gotta couple of cutie things to put away for Harlee's birthday next week!!!!!  
Got my floors vacuumed off.  And I will most likely be working tomorrow!

I have been playing with this tool today.

Cut some very old papers up like this

And ending up making lots of these.  
I like to send my cards in custom envelopes.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22

It has been kind of a crazy day.  I went into work for a staff meeting at 7am  and then went back to cover the unit at 1pm, so another gal who was working could go to the next staff meeting.  She lives out of town and didn't want to have to come back in tomorrow.  It snowed most of the day and the roads have been slippery at times.  Now it is to get cold tonight and I am sure those roads will go to very icy. 
In between times going to work I have been in my scrap space reorganizing and cutting up some old papers and going to make envelopes with them.  Trying to make some room.
I don't have any project to share so I will share a family photo from having a good time in Disneyland in September.  Would rather be where the temperatures are warmer and no snow!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21

Have spent my day at home.  It was a pretty nice day.  I opened some windows to air the house out while I changed sheets and cleaned bathrooms.  I watched a cooper for a bit while Kirsten ran her resume uptown.  Then he had his 9month check up.  He is weighing in at 24lb- 2oz. He is a big bruiser!
Remember those peeks I had here yesterday- well, here are a couple of finished results I created.

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20

Thought I should update my blog.  It has been a busy few days and plus I didn't have anything to share.  I worked all day yesterday.  They floated one of our staff to another floor, so I needed to go in.  I so disagree with this new policy they have made to deal with their nurse shortage.  
A lot of Saturday was spent with the grandkids.  Harlee helped me clean up pine cones that were in the front.  They had come down with all the terrific winds we have had the last couple of weeks.  She is a good little worker.
Curtis was off today being it was a government holiday.  I actually sept in until almost 7am.  He went out to take sunrise pictures.  When he got back we went out for breakfast.  I went to the hospital to talk to my manager about a few things and mainly to cut back hours.  Also ran to the grocery store.  Did a little creating when I got back.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16

Another day and another dollar!  Yes, I was into work again!  But, just for 3 hours to cover or a gal who had a morning!  The other day I had someone ask if I would over for a shift in June.  Oh, my, gosh----I can't even think about June in January!  But by then we are closer to nicer weather!

I visited my friendly dermatologist.  I ran to Target and the post office.  I got my floors vacuumed and wood ones wiped off.  

I have been busy sorting through our Disneyland photos.  I took photos.  Curtis took photos.  And Kirsten took photos.  And there are also some off our photo pass.  I have gone through them all and now have to upload them somewhere and get them all printed out.  And then the joy of getting them into an album.

Kirsten and Cooper were here before I headed off to work.. she got a call from the school to pick up Nic because he was not feeling well.  And Cait has bronchitis.  She went for a visit to the doc today and is now loaded up with meds and hopefully soon on the mend.   I hate her being so far away when she is sick.  And Curtis called to see if I minded if he stayed in Missoula to get his work done, rather than putting in another long, long day.  

A layout of Cooper from the holidays.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15

Today was a pretty laid back day, thank goodness.  I did not leave the house.  But the howling wind woke me up,extremely early.  It was 3:30 and I couldn't go back to sleep.  
I worked at cleaning out our file folder filled with bills and other important papers.  I shredded lots of papers and got ready for another year.  That is always time consuming!
Kirsten and the baby came to visit after lunch, before she went to retrieve the big kids from school.
I also cleaned up the computer desk in my scrap room and put some scrapping items away.  I had been catching up Cooper"s album.  I had some baby items that I needed to get away.  I am now working on my Dec. book.  Barely started, minded you.
I hope it is less windy tonight and that I crash and don't have such a restless night.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 8

Another day, another dollar.  I was back to work for the afternoon.  It was a busy little place.  I am scheduled again tomorrow and hoping I get cancelled.  When you haven't worked in a bit doing all these shifts is hard on this gal.
And before I went in I had made a quick trip across town to Walmart and the natural food store.  And also came home and cleaned bathrooms.  And was off to work by 11:13.
Will leave you with a little layout I created the other day.  A Christmas about of H&N circa 2008.  Harlee was almost 2 and Nic just a few months old.  They are growing up way too fast!

January 14

I am back after working a couple more days,  they were crazy and I am beyond exhausted.  At least I have quite a few days off before I am scheduled to work again.  I did have to go in for a mandatory class and got accused of not being able to stay away.  I wish!!!

Yesterday afternoon it started snowing.  It was still snowing when I left work.  And guess who did not have their boots on, as I had no idea there was snow in our forecast?  It was still snowing when I went to bed.  Looks like we had 5-6 inches.

And it was so pretty this morning!

It warmed up this afternoon and lots of it has melted.  I saw the grandkids after school.  And kept it pretty low key today.  Curtis left for the Flathead Valley for work for this week.

A little layout I finished.