Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20

Thought I should update my blog.  It has been a busy few days and plus I didn't have anything to share.  I worked all day yesterday.  They floated one of our staff to another floor, so I needed to go in.  I so disagree with this new policy they have made to deal with their nurse shortage.  
A lot of Saturday was spent with the grandkids.  Harlee helped me clean up pine cones that were in the front.  They had come down with all the terrific winds we have had the last couple of weeks.  She is a good little worker.
Curtis was off today being it was a government holiday.  I actually sept in until almost 7am.  He went out to take sunrise pictures.  When he got back we went out for breakfast.  I went to the hospital to talk to my manager about a few things and mainly to cut back hours.  Also ran to the grocery store.  Did a little creating when I got back.

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