Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 8

Another day, another dollar.  I was back to work for the afternoon.  It was a busy little place.  I am scheduled again tomorrow and hoping I get cancelled.  When you haven't worked in a bit doing all these shifts is hard on this gal.
And before I went in I had made a quick trip across town to Walmart and the natural food store.  And also came home and cleaned bathrooms.  And was off to work by 11:13.
Will leave you with a little layout I created the other day.  A Christmas about of H&N circa 2008.  Harlee was almost 2 and Nic just a few months old.  They are growing up way too fast!


Dad {!-{> said...

They were pretty cute back then. What in the world happened?


Tracy said...

You make the sweetest layouts. Your subjects are adorable. :)
I think I woke up about the time you were grocery shopping, teehee.

Tracey said...

Adorable photo.....really nice layout!

Nat said...

totally charming, sweet Christmas design :)