Friday, August 31, 2012

Authentiques August Inspiration Colour Challenge

Authentique papers have a monthly colour challenge.  August's colours were Buttercup, Jade and Cool Cobalt.  This is the layout I came up with using their product and those colours. 

Product used:
Papers- Authentique-Gathering(Grow, Bloom)
                                 Loyal (Durable)
                                 Blissful (Paradise)
                                 Fresh (Clean)
Letters-Petite type square
Loyal Elements
Stash Buttons and Twine

Have not felt good today with a terrible headache.  I was in bed until 8:45 this morning and that never happens.  I picked up Kirsten around 11am and then we got Nic and headed up to his preschool for orientation.  He has the same teachers that Harlee had last year.  I managed to get my laundry finished.  I sewed a quilt top for a blanket for Nic to take to preschool for quiet time.  Picked up Harlee after school today.  And then I managed to mow the grass after dinner.  Not bad for my day starting so late. 

Not only was this Harlee's first week at school, but she also managed to lose her first tooth also. 
Worked yesterday and head back for the weekend too. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Best First Day Ever

That is what Harlee told me when I picked her up from school today.  She started her year of Kindergarten this morning.  She is in the same classroom, with the same teacher that her mummy had 20 years ago.  And her auntie too.  A little deja vu moment for this nana.  She loves her teacher .  She made a new friend, but couldn't remember her name.  And she saw Jackson from preschool, although he isn't in her class.
Me, I'm pooped after getting in late last evening from Seattle after a very bumpy ride.  They even stopped serving drinks at one point because it was so turbulent.
And I will be back to work tomorrow. 

Harlee trying out her locker.
Harlee's place at her table
Nic had to try out the lockers too.

Monday, August 27, 2012


During our trip to Glacier, as we climbed in elevation we found BearGrass.
It is like grass at the bottom of the plant , and has beautiful white flowers. It is part of the Lily family. And does not bloom every year. It blooms in 5-7 year cycles. And it is the first flower to reappear after a fire.

These last 2 photos were taken back in early July in an area that was ravaged with fires about 6 years ago.

Drove safely to Tacoma with Cait and now enjoying a couple of days out here with her. Weather is beautiful. Skies clear and not filled with smoke. It was pretty much smokey the whole drive yesterday- not good for my allergies. And the temps not so hot as home. Headed back tomorrow, just in time for H's first day of kindergarten.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Almost in the Waterfalls

Driving up to Logan Pass in Glacier, we went by quite a few waterfalls.  We stopped at one and got out to take some photos.  I said to Curtis we should get our photo taken by one.  And I didn't say, let's get under one to have our photo. 

And the water comes out of the Glacier bed, so it is pretty chilly.  And I did get wet!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012


There are so many waterfalls in Glacier National Park.  We stopped at the Sunrift Gorge to take some photo on our recent outing to Glacier.  It is one right off the highway, where you don't have to do much hiking.  And it wasn't so busy that we were able to find a parking space.  You could hike up to the gorge, hike under the bridge, or just sit by the falls and enjoy the natural air conditioning coming off the water. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Me and My Shadow

I took this photo wading through the stream up in Glacier National Park.
Spending a quiet week with Caitlin. And not going into work.
She went for a job interview here yesterday. She went swimming at the water park with Harlee and Nic and Kirsten. She's gone out with a couple of friends. I think, all I all, having a good visit. And she is sleeping at night too.
I am enjoying having her around.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Many Glacier

We stopped along our Glacier trip, up near Many Glacier.  It is very beautiful there.
Our friend Robyn, wanted to stop and take photos of this straggly tree.  Me, I was more focused with what was on the ground.

This area often has bears.  And we did get a glimpse of a Grizzly.  But, I was in the middle of the back seat, which doesn't lead to good photo ops.  But, there were some crazy people out taking pictures of the bear, way too close for me.  When we came back by the area, the park ranger was clearing the traffic out. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Look Up, Look Way Up!!!!

When we visited Glacier, we saw quite a few Osprey nest, near Many Glacier.  Why the heck are they always near power poles that interfere with my photography.  They didn't like us being around and getting out of the vehicle to take photos.  But they were cool to watch.  A couple of the nest the mama osprey would fly away to try and distract us, but eventually would come back.  All the time the babies are squealing away. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mama, Where are You????

The berries are ripening, up in the high country, so that means you need to beware of BEARS!
 Last week in Glacier, we found this little guy strolling down the road.
 It looks like he is searching for his mama.
We never saw her.   
And he soon ran into the brush.

Pooped out this morning.  Worked all day yesterday and some the day before.  Those little tykes kicked my butt.
Cait is on the road home from Seattle and should be here around lunch.  She has already called this morning and is back in MT.  Curtis should be home later today from his dads. 
So, I should have a good week spoiling my baby just a little. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blog Refresher Sketch Contest

The second challenge is because Becky Fleck had her Page Maps Blog redone.  Here is the challenge.

Here is the sketch:

 Here is what I created.  It is from a Fourth of July photo with Mr. Nic on Curtis bike.

Product used:  Papers-Glitz Design(Hoopla, Laced with Grace)
                                   The Girls Paperie (Paper Girl)
                                    Pink Paislee(Twilight Collection)
                                    Lily Bee Design(Harvest Market)
                      Quickutz dies
Quick Quotes-vellum journaling
MME decorative brad

Page Maps Challenge

Becky Fleck has a couple of challenges over on her Page Maps blog.  The first is a Fancy Pants Design Challenge.  You can use what ever product you like, but if you win it is for Fancy Pants product.  I like to enter these, as it motivates me to create a layout or two. 
Here is the sketch:

And here is my interpretation of the sketch. 
Product used: Papers-  Teresa Collins(Timeless- Pink Stripe, Black Damask)
                                                         (Journal-It Girl - Pink Ledger)
                      Jar- American Crafts(Dear Lizzy-Neopolitan)
                      Quickutz Dies,
                       Memory Box Dies
                     Glitz Design frosting. 

These photos are from back in the day when Harlee had to wear a helmet for a flat spot on the back of her head.  I found a bunch of these photos and thought it was important to scrap them as it was part of her life way back when. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Running Eagle Falls

We left Two Medicine Lake and a bit down the road was Running Eagle Falls. It was a little easy hike from the parking area. Lots of wildflowers along the way.
There is usually water coming over the top of the falls - so that tells how dry it is here right now.

There is a cold front moving in and the winds blowing are down right scary. There is a fire on the hill outside town. I guess Tim has a birds eye view from Dominos on the other side of town.

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