Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

It has been a wonderful Easter weekend at the Barrow household!!  I was pooped and even got a nap in today.
Harlee spent the night.  She had a bath in nana's big tub and then we all sat down and watched a movie-Rise of the Guardians.  Pretty good little movie-she had already watched it, but was quite content to watch it again with nana and papa.
We headed to brunch with her mum and dad and brother.
She was wondering why the Easter bunny hadn't left her basket here.  It was waiting for her at home.

A couple of photos from the egg hunt yesterday in Nana's backyard.

It has been and wonderful weekend and the weather most co-operative.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Picture of the Week #13

This week you get a photo of Nic. He is a kid of a million faces. If you can get him still for 5min. he never just gives you a nice smile or even a cheesy grin. He was so happy to get out in his little car and drive all around the back yard.

Had another busy day. The munchkins arrived around 9 this morning. Curtis got home just in time so we could take them to an Easter egg hunt over the hill at the Harley shop. We came back home and dyed eggs. They left for a bit, while I finally got those sugar cookies baked and iced. The ham went in the oven and soon it was time for dinner and it was pretty yummy. Curtis had hid some eggs in the back yard and the kids hunted for them before dinner. It was so nice we were able to head outside for a bit! Harlee is having a sleepover!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday is a Wrap!

Good Friday is a true holiday in Canada where everything closes down. Not here in the states. And it is one of the most sacred days of the year!

I got to have the grandkids here, since their mum and dad had to work. I managed to get a walk and a shower in before they arrived. They had some breakfast. Nic and I made dough to make some Easter sugar cookies. And, yes, it is still in the fridge. We headed over the hill to get bird seed, and check out the baby chicks and outdoor furniture. We came home and it was outside after that until they went home. They blew bubbles. They rode in Nic's car. They dug in the dirt. They had a picnic lunch outside. They rode on their scooters. They played with chalk and rode on the swing. A full day. Not once did they want to come in. So you know what that means--- Nana needed to be out there with them. So, I did a little outside clean up.
Once they left I needed to run to the grocery store since I am cooking up dinner tomorrow. I am one tired nana tonight.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Few More Cards

I made these cards a couple of weeks ago and thought I should share them on my blog.
I am currently on call for work, like I was yesterday and Monday.  I am quite happy not to go into work when it is extremely SLOW!  Makes for a very long 12 hours.  I can make myself be productive at home!
Yesterday I got all my floors mopped and vacuumed through the house.  
This morning I have been out for my walk and it is truly beautiful outside.  I say bring on Spring!!!  Although a cold front is to move through on Easter Sunday.  I guess we should have our egg hunt on Sat. afternoon, since Kirsten and her crew will be here for dinner. 
I am going to print off some pictures to scrap. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Cards

OK, so do you remember the bunnies I cut out a couple of weeks ago.

Well , they actually got made into Easter cards!

Last week my schedule got mixed up a little.  I ended up off yesterday and got moved to today.  But the unit is VERY slow and I gave half of the shift to a co-worker.  And I was only on call this afternoon.
That meant I could get a few things done around here.  Like clean my bathrooms.  And I put sweet and sour chicken in the crockpot, so it would be ready if I got called in.  Especially since Curtis spent the day down the road in Helena.  I worked on my cruise book from the fall and it is coming along-I think I may be more than half ways done with the two of them.
Nice day--sunny and warming up--it got close to 50F.  But it wasn't so warm when I was out walking this morning.  But, it wasn't windy so I can deal with the cold. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Picture of the Week#12

The picture I have chosen for this week is of my adorable granddaughter.  She is looking awesome in the new dress Cait and I picked out for her when we were in Seattle last weekend.  She is looking so grown up any more.  And I don't like that one little bit.  I want her to stay little and innocent.  Don't you just love the red cowgirl boots??  She is such a fashionista!!!

Yesterday she got to dress up as her favourite book character for school.  And who does she go as--- who else, Fancy Nancy!!! She just loves those books.  I bought a bunch off Zulily to put away for her. 
Curtis and I went to her school carnival last night and worked the fishing booth with her kindergarten teacher.  We were there about an hour and it was a busy little place. 
Today was kind of interesting.  I was to be off work--I had worked that out with my manager early this week, so I could help Kirsten and watch the munchkins.  Well, last evening when I came home from the carnival there was a message on the phone.  Would I be on call for someone - her son had had surgery the other day.  I wouldn't have to go into work. Sure, I believe in helping my co-worker out.  But I get screwed every time.  The phone rings at 0430 this morning and they needed me.  I hadn't slept well at all, probably worrying what would happen.  And the day gets crazier.  So it is one regular nurse and 2 registry nurses for 5 babies.  The other registry nurse goes home sick.  So the gal that was to float to peds comes in.  I discharge a baby home and then the charge nurse couldn't decided what to do-send me home or keep me.  In the end I came home around 1230 and was on call for the rest of the day.  Curtis picked me up and when took H&N to MacDonald's for lunch. 
I am happy to be off tomorrow!!!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Little Bit of Loot!

Just a few items I collected on my trip to the coast. 

Some stamps, some dies, some ink, Washi tape and some wood items!  Can hardly wait to play!  
Today I got out and walked early, because I didn't want to be out there when it got real windy today.  And it did!!!
I ran to Walmart for a bunch of items we needed.  I had to go up to the NICU for my evaluation.  They are keeping me.  Can you believe that one!!! 
And I picked up H after school and spent the afternoon with her. 
Now I am in my craft space and need to make an Easter card or two, since next weekend is Easter. 
Anxious to see what the OB Doc tells Kirsten tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

The calendar says spring has arrived! It was pretty warm here today and super windy! But,winter hasn't said good bye yet, I'm afraid.

Had a busy day. After being gone all weekend I needed some groceries. I also needed to run the washer and dryer. I had to have an ultrasound. And while I was at the hospital ran up to talk to my manager. Picked up the princess after school. Her mum had an ultrasound to check fluid levels. She is 36 weeks today, but the baby is measuring at 38-39 weeks and weighing in around 8 lbs.
After dinner Kirsten called for me to go and check out Nic. He had a fall at the other grandparents and did his chin in. It was a little deep but I put a waterproof bandage on. I don' think a trip to the ER was what he or Kirsten needed this evening. Cait said we should have super glued it shut.

Pictures are from our drive home yesterday.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

The end of a Long Weekend

Today was the last day we will spend with Cait for a while.
She went to work for a little bit this morning and Curtis and I drove into Seattle to get her.
Leaving our hotel

Downtown Seattle

Through one of the many tunnels

A famous Seattle landmark

Where Cait works

The end of our trip and Mt Ranier finally started to peak through.

And finally this evening she made her grand entrance. Nice to see this from our hotel window!

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A Little Taste of Spring

Curtis and I have been spending the last few days out here on the coast visiting Caitlin.
Spring has definitely arrived here!!! The trees have blossoms and little spring flowers are popping up through the soil. It will be at least another month before we experience this in Montana. Kind of nice to enjoy.
The weather has been mostly rainy as expected! And kind of chilly- in the 40's. But it has been nice spending time with my baby. I think she has enjoyed the pampering too!!!
She arrived at our hotel on Friday afternoon with this beautiful bouquet of daffodils in an awesome vintage vase, which was my birthday present.

The view down the street from where we are staying

A little springtime

Lots of rain!

It's pretty hilly out here. Driving to out hotel.

But, a gorgeous sunset to end our day!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby Burp Cloths

Today, I whipped up some baby burp cloths for Cooper.  The ones in the store are so wimpy.
Struggling with issues at work and maybe this is the time to give up my nursing career for good.  They are pushing me over the edge.  And I am just tired of holding on.

We are headed out later today to drive as far as Missoula and then the rest of the way to Seattle tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Picture of the Week #11

Can hardly believe we are 11 weeks into the year.  Please slow down!!!!!
Posting my POW a little early as Curtis and I are headed out of town tomorrow to visit Cait. 

As to my day, I had a Dr. appointment this morning and came home and did a thing or two around the house.  Got my hair cut this afternoon and finished up just in time that I could pick H up from school and bring her home for a little bit. 

Still working on my travel album for my sister and I. 

Pretty warm here today with a high of 63F, but boy was it WINDY!

A beautiful spring bouquet I got at Costco almost 2 weeks ago.