Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Few More Cards

I made these cards a couple of weeks ago and thought I should share them on my blog.
I am currently on call for work, like I was yesterday and Monday.  I am quite happy not to go into work when it is extremely SLOW!  Makes for a very long 12 hours.  I can make myself be productive at home!
Yesterday I got all my floors mopped and vacuumed through the house.  
This morning I have been out for my walk and it is truly beautiful outside.  I say bring on Spring!!!  Although a cold front is to move through on Easter Sunday.  I guess we should have our egg hunt on Sat. afternoon, since Kirsten and her crew will be here for dinner. 
I am going to print off some pictures to scrap. 


Tracy said...

Such sweet, pretty cards.
So happy you didn't have to go into work and were so productive at home.

S said...

Pretty cards. You have been productive as well as creative. Kudos.

Nat said...

beautiful cards, love these!! :)