Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So long, Seattle

After a frustrating evening since this lady forgot to get a confirmation when I thought i had a hotel booked in Seattle. But no, there was none. spent the night on the futon in Cait's flat. It was comfortable and I slept well. It is just the 3 flights climbing up to her place!!!!! Woke up at 0530, excited to start our day. We had breakfast at iHOP. A quick stop at Fred Myer's for gas and a loofa. And then we started out trek north to Seattle. We got off at Tukwilla and checked out World Market and Impress Stamps.
It was busy driving to Pier 91. Caitlin took our rig and dropped us off. It was a pretty smooth boarding process. They confiscated Curtis's multi tool. Our cabin was ready as soon as we boarded and the luggage was soon the follow. The cabin has a good size bathroom with a TUB!!!!!
We had a small sandwich for lunch. Curtis got a bowl of ice cream and I found some pineapple cobbler.
The boat left the pier a little after 4PM. We were the third cruise ship leaving the harbour, following the Norwegian Pearl and the Grand Princess.
It was a glorious day in Seattle!!! Mount Rainier was majestic in all it's glory!
We were on deck as we left the harbour.
Back to the cabin to unpack.
We have open dining and just headed to the dining room. We were lucky enough to get a table on the upper level beside a window. We sat with George and Margaret from Walla Walla, WA.
Up to the Crows nest for a drink of the Day- Twilight Zone!!!
And watch the sunset as we sailed out of the Sound!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Two Sleeps

and we are off to the coast and then on the ship to Alaska!

Not much to post.  Worked a 12 hour shift today.  Busy, but not crazy.

Washing machine going, so we can have clean clothes for the vacation.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lilies in my Garden

The garden lilies in my back yard have started to bloom and they are looking pretty wonderful right now. 
Getting this posted before this evening as there are thunderstorm warnings posted for later.  In case I have to turn the computer off.
I had lunch today with some wonderful friends.  One is here from Spokane and will be gone before we get back from Alaska. 
Curtis has been out at the fair grounds the last 2 days, helping with the photo division at the fair.  The fair starts on Friday and we leave town on Saturday.  So, I won't be going and I didn't enter anything this year, as I won't be home to get it picked up.  And I don't want to leave it for anyone else to do. 
Have been working away on the Hawaii trip. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Little Trip to the Homeland.

It was a quick turn around trip to Lethbridge, AB today! I have been wanting ti make this trip for awhile. There are a few things I am addicted to and can't do without-Shreddies, Tetley Tea, Dettol, Lestoil! And a few other things. And I like to buy my bras there too! I am a Playtex girl with no wires. Lunch at Swiss Chalet. And a stop at Tims to pick up Tim bits to bring home! I am a happy camper!!

The air seems to have finally cleared out some. You could see blue skies today.

A couple if photos from on the road.

Fields of cannolla!

Big sky country!

A Hawaii layout. Surfers were cut on my Silhouette

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Unsafe Air

That is what we are experiencing outside.  It has been deemed code purple, which represents very unhealthy air quality.  They are suggesting people should limit their time outdoors until conditions improve.  Coming from wild fires in Washington, Oregon, and Canada.  You can smell the smoke as soon as you open the door.  My eyes are burning. 
So, I have stayed inside today.  Good reason to work on my Hawaii album.  Moving along slowly.
Yesterday, I managed to get the lawn mowed and watered.  Got the laundry caught up.  The grandkids were here in the afternoon, until their daddy picked them up.  Cooper is toddling around everywhere.  He as found his sea legs!!!!  And if you tell him NO, he falls on the floor and wails.  What an actor.  Starting the terrible twos a little early. 

 A couple of layouts from the Polynesian Culture Centre.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hawaii Layouts

Now I have finished showing you my travel journal, I am back to working on my Hawaii 2012 album.  A mixture of traditional pages and PL pages.  Sure makes it go ten times more quickly doing it PL style!

Pretty quiet Thursday.  I got out and walked early.  I could already feel the sun really hot out there at 8am.  I ran to the mall for a couple of things and a quick look around our wool and knit shop.  Going to take a class in Sept on knitting socks toe up, rather than starting at the cuff.  Taught by a gal I know from scrapping.  Cool, right?

Informed Curtis this morning this was the last day to get mounted photos into the fair.  And the race was on.  He ordered his prints.  After we picked them up, I help him get mounted and away he went to the fair grounds. 

So, without further ado, a couple of Hawaii layouts.

This page I created with a map we got from the cruise ship.  Thought I should put it to good use.  The geotags show our ports of call.

A layout from when we went to the Dole Plantation.  I created the pineapple on my Cricut.
 This layout is from the Dole plantation where we took a ride on their little train around the plantation.  The tropical leaves were cut on my Silhouette and the hibiscus were a Memory Box die. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Smokey Haze

Hanging over town as we are getting the effects of the smoke from wildfires in Washington, Idaho and our neighbours to the north in Canada.
It has been kind of a busy day.  I was at the swimming pool with Harlee for her last swim class.  She has really progressed this summer.  But if she had a little fat on her body she wouldn't always be trying to sink to the bottom.
After lunch, the munchkins were here while there mam went off to work.  We took them out for frozen yogurt which turned out to be rather expensive, but it was a nice treat.
I did stop at Joann's today for some adhesive.  I did see they had some fabric from the movie, Frozen.  I would love to make Harlee a pillowcase for part of their advent calendar.  But my gosh the fabric was $24.99 a yard.  Even with a 50% off coupon that is still $12.50 for a pillow case.  That is too rich for my blood.  Will have the hunt around I am thinking.  I know that movie is popular, but that is crazy!!!!!

Didn't get quite so hot today, as they predicted which is fine by me.  Late yesterday afternoon, I went for my walk down on the river trail.  Got all the way out to the end and then it decided to rain.  I was somewhat wet by the time I got back to the car! 

The last few pages of my journal.  Will have to find something else to share with you tomorrow. 
 You see that little square with the chevron paper.  It opens up to what is below.
There is a pocket where you could put tickets, or a door key, or something small
 More pocket pages

The page on the right is an envelope that could store a map, or a special momento

For now there is a piece of cardstock that could have a special photo.  
 My last two pages. 
Hope you have enjoyed seeing my travel journal for my upcoming trip.  It was very quick and easy to put together.  And I look forward to writing about my trip and including some photos when I get home.  10days and counting!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cool Down

Today we are having a bit of a cool down-it's only 70F, which I totally enjoying.  My kind of day.  Although because it is cooler, it is overcast.  We had much needed rain early this morning.  I took Harlee to swimming this morning and enjoying a quiet afternoon to myself. 

More photos from my travel journal.  Hope they aren't boring you too much.  Otherwise, I am back to working on my Hawaii album. 

 The Right hand page has tags in a pocket.

The right hand side has a pocket on the side with a file folder in in.  I also stamped
on the page with a journaling spot.
The left side has a band that holds tags.  The right side- the light house page
flips up for more space underneath.

these pages  - where the little heart tag is- it opens up.  It is blends in well when it is folded. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

More Travel Journal!

Alas I have been working.  Worked all day yesterday.  And it was a scorcher, so just as happy to play inside.  And was back for a couple of hour this morning to cover for a gal that had a Dr. Appointment. 
Off for quite a few days now.  Maybe some creating in the future then!!!
Curtis took Harlee to swim lessons, while I was working.  And then we went out to lunch before we came home. 
Wiping down my wood floor in the living room.  Doing this while I wait for it to dry so I can attack a different area. 

So, here are some more pages in my travel journal. 

 The Right side has another fold over pocket with a tag.
 Behind it is lots of room to journal, put tags or photos.
 The page on the left I glued two pages together and then made a pocket to hold more tags
 On the right hand side is a flip page to put photos. 
The Alaska map I cut on my Silhouette
 Next, the page on the right opens up
 And behind is another pocket page with more tags. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Travel Journal

A couple of days ago I showed you my travel journal and today I plan to share a little more.  It was basically made from a 6X8 Strathmore Drawing pad that I picked up from Michaels.  I like it because it is a nice size and it is already bound. 

 These are the first two pages.  The Alaska die cut was cut file on my Silhouette.

Above are some of the tags I cut to fit in the pocket on the right hand side
This is the next page.  The page on the left opens up to reveal a another page to put photos or a brochure.  The page on the right is only a half a page to hold tags where you could journal.  The blue piece with the whale is a 5X5 pice of cardstock, afixed on the back. 

Here you see the page opened up

Here are the next 2 pages.  This is the 5X5 piece of cardstock on the left.  The right has a page that was folded in half and glued down to create a pocket with a tag.  
This is the back side of the pocket with the next page.  Another pocket I created with lots more tags.  
 The next page shows another page to journal or put a photo.  

See the destination page.  It is a fold over page that opens up

 The next page has lots more tags to journal or photos.

I know you want to see more.  But that will have to wait until tomorrow.  It is a fairly big album, having 22 pages- that means 44 scrapbook pages!!!  The book actually has 24 pages but I screwed up and had to remove one.  Good thing there are plenty more. 

We are going to be gone for 2 weeks, so I needed a lot of pages.  I know we have been to Alaska before, but we both love it.  And we are stopping at ports we have never seen-Anchorage(we plan to rent a car here), Icy Straight, Kodiak, Homer, Sitka.  Lots more new adventures for the two of us.