Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So long, Seattle

After a frustrating evening since this lady forgot to get a confirmation when I thought i had a hotel booked in Seattle. But no, there was none. spent the night on the futon in Cait's flat. It was comfortable and I slept well. It is just the 3 flights climbing up to her place!!!!! Woke up at 0530, excited to start our day. We had breakfast at iHOP. A quick stop at Fred Myer's for gas and a loofa. And then we started out trek north to Seattle. We got off at Tukwilla and checked out World Market and Impress Stamps.
It was busy driving to Pier 91. Caitlin took our rig and dropped us off. It was a pretty smooth boarding process. They confiscated Curtis's multi tool. Our cabin was ready as soon as we boarded and the luggage was soon the follow. The cabin has a good size bathroom with a TUB!!!!!
We had a small sandwich for lunch. Curtis got a bowl of ice cream and I found some pineapple cobbler.
The boat left the pier a little after 4PM. We were the third cruise ship leaving the harbour, following the Norwegian Pearl and the Grand Princess.
It was a glorious day in Seattle!!! Mount Rainier was majestic in all it's glory!
We were on deck as we left the harbour.
Back to the cabin to unpack.
We have open dining and just headed to the dining room. We were lucky enough to get a table on the upper level beside a window. We sat with George and Margaret from Walla Walla, WA.
Up to the Crows nest for a drink of the Day- Twilight Zone!!!
And watch the sunset as we sailed out of the Sound!

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Lisa said...

Enjoy your trip!! Seattle is such a beautiful city!! I have an aunt and cousins there so I love visiting there!! Can't wait to hear all about Alaska!!

A Mermaid's Crafts

S said...

Sounds like fun. Sorry about the hotel room glitch - I've had that happen to, when I just assumed the email confirmation would come.

Tracey said...

Have a wonderful vacation.......look forward to seeing your Alaska photos.

Tracy said...

Sounds like a great start to your trip…minus the hotel mishap….as I have had that happen to me and wasn't impressed that they misbooked me.
Looking forward to hearing more about your trip :)