Saturday, May 31, 2014

After the Storm

It has been kind of a stormy Saturday.  The first one moved through about 7:30 this morning and another one around dinner time.  I was in the tub when the first one moved through and it shortened my stay. Didn't want to be in the tub with the lightening and thunder.  I went out after it blew through to move a few flower pots as I didn't want the new plants to drowned.  But then the light was rather cool out and I snapped a few photos. 

 Can you see the shadow on our sky chair?
 I got to watch the boys for a bit today, while Kirsten took Harlee for a much needed haircut. 
Finished up this layout on the Tower of Terror today.  Only a few layout left to do.  The end is very much in sight.
Just came in from walking and it certainly is much cooler out.  And I saw 4 bunnies along the way. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Fun

I got to watch Cooper today, while his mama was at work.  He wasn't too happy to see her drive off in her car.  But, we had a pretty good day.  He ate a terrific lunch.  Then it was a fight to go down for a nap.  I took him out to the sky chair and he fussed and screamed for about 10min and then he just collapsed.  Yeah, for nana. 

i gave him these cheese puff things for snack this afternoon.  Can you see how he has them all over the floor I just mopped before he came over this morning. 
Managed to get my laundry done too. 

The layout is from the evening at Disneyland when we went to Mickey's Halloween party

Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's Official!!!

Today was Curtis last official day after working for the government for the past 32 years.
No big celebration.  His boss was here from SLC and a two other agents from MT and a couple old co-workers all went out to lunch.  I missed out on all the hoopla as I was working.  But I did get to come home early since we discharged a couple of babies today.

This is what he would rather be doing.  Me too!!!!

Yesterday afternoon we had quite the storm blow through.  Curtis came home just in time to get the motorcycle moved over in the garage so we could park our big rig in the garage.  They were forecasting hail and we did get some pea sized stuff.  And it has been a little cooler, windier day since that front moved through. 

The grandkids were here after school enjoying popsicles.  They watered all my plants in pots.  Oh, to play in a little water. 

Did take photos of a few more Disney layouts so I could share them with you.  Simple Stories- Say Cheese collection has been so perfect for this album.  I am sure glad they released it last summer and I bought it since I knew we were making the trip.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Yesterday turned into a very busy day! Not only was I confused thinking it was Monday I will be screwed up all week since it was a holiday.

I was up early and called work to see if they would need me. Of coarse they would! I pulled the sheets off the bed and remade it. I was out of the house before 8 am and across town to make a Walmart run. Cooper was here when I arrived back home. I vacuumed the floors upstairs and wiped down my wood floors. By, the. It was time to head to the hospital for a few hours. I got down around 3pm and bought a few more plants for my pots, some stakes and a couple of tomato cages. I got the flowers in the pots and then started mowing the lawn. Somewhere in there all the plants got watered too.

Today, I am going to have a much quieter day. Need to photo more layouts and some cards I made. Have been out for my walk, though. Now soaking in the tub!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day!

Thanks to all the service men and women who have served and are serving this country.  My hubby has had his turn doing this, and otherwise I would have never met him!

Enjoying a quiet day at home, after putting in 12 long hours at work yesterday.  Kind of grey and cloudy out!

Trying to fit in the last day of photos in the Disney album.  I cannot believe how quickly this has gone together using both pocket pages and traditional layouts.  Next, on my agenda is our first trip to Hawaii.  Excited to start this project!  And of coarse there are always photos of the grand kids to finish up.

Curtis found out this morning, after I nudged him to look, that his passport is expired.  So, that is on his agenda today to get the application filled out.  Good thing mine has a couple of years before it expires! 

Went down to the great Missouri river the other evening and this is what we found.

Lots of Canadian geese and they were not getting along too well!!!

Keep plodding away with the Disney photos.  These ones are riding the train.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bunny on the Front Lawn

This is what I found when I opened up my front door this morning.

Yesterday was actually a pretty hot day for May.  It was 84F. Had some dry thunderstorms last evening with some lightening that caused a fire just outside of town.  Way too early in the season for fires.  

I went out back this morning to fill the feeder up with sun flower seeds and my bird bath was covered in blossoms.  So, I cleaned it out and refilled it. 
The lilac bush is blooming

So is the mountain ash tree.  The blossoms on it are very stinky. 

And a couple of pocket pages for the Disney album. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Yes, indeed.  It has been sunny and warm.  It was over 80F today.  They say the last time we saw this kind of heat was mid Sept. last year.  It has been a very long winter!!!  So enjoying the heat and sunshine. 

My day started off with the phone ringing.  It was work saying I needed to come in.  So much for staying at home and being on call.  But, at least I only had to work until 11am.  But it was much closer to noon before I left the hospital. 

I  ran to the grocery store after lunch.  I wanted to get in there before all the holiday herds are wanting to be in there tomorrow.  It wasn't too bad.  I even got an up close park.  It is a holiday weekend here in the States.  But we are staying at home, since I am scheduled to work on Sunday. 

I visited Kirsten at work and took her some strawberries.  I bought a huge container full and took out what I wanted and sent the rest home with her.  The munchkins love them. 

I came home and just couldn't continue and had to enjoy a little nap. Curtis is off at camera club.  And I got all the gardens watered.  The poor little plants are not used to such heat. 

Have a couple of photos of some Canadian geese from down at the river and a blue bird too.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day for Digging Dirt!

It has been a beautiful day out with highs well into the 70's. After a kind of slow start( I was beat after having yet another busy day at work). I picked up Kirsten and Cooper and we headed out to get some dirt and then to get some flowers.

Cooper had a nap after lunch and Kirsten and I got some flowers and veggies planted.

On Wed., the kids are done early from school. They came home and painted some plant pots. They are being filled with a flower for their teachers.

Cooper is in to everything!!! He wants to climb up on anything higher than him. Took him down to the flowers beds and eating dirt was on his agenda. Would he eat the applesauce I served him at lunch? Oh, no!

We got our mower back from the tune-up shop. And it is working 100% better! So, the lawn got mowed this evening!

Anyhoo, a few photos of the dirt eating machine.

And of coarse, one more Disney layout!

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Last Soccer Game

Yesterday was the last game of the season.  The day was threatening, but we managed to get the game played.  And they won!!!

I only got to see a couple of her games.  Working too many Sundays, I guess!  But her papa was with her at every game. 
Today, I was continuing to take down wall paper.  Moving right on long, so I can start painting.  Chauffeured Harlee home from school.  Kirsten had to pick up Nic earlier in the day, as he wasn't feeling well.  We also got them registered for swimming lessons when school get done.  Supposed to warm up and be real nice for the long weekend.  We shall see. 

 I will leave you with a Disney PL layout, which goes opposite to the Merida page I did.