Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day- after the fact!

I spent my Mother's Day serving others- at work!  All I can say is the day was crazy busy.  We admitted three!!!  I was an hour late leaving the unit and beyond tired when I got home.  Slept like a rock and didn't even wake up until close to 8am.  That is beyond sleeping in for me.  And allergies are crazy right now too.  My eyes are all gooped up. 

But Curtis took me out for dinner when I got home from Helena on Saturday.  And I had a bag full of goodies waiting for me too.  In the bottom of the bag was a new Olympus camera.  My old one-- the flash wasn't working(not that I used it much) and the door to get the memory card and battery out is being difficult.  So, it was a nice surprise!!!

Wanted to share one of the Mother's Day cards I created this year.  Didn't get a photo of the other one I did. 

And you won't believe this, but it snowed like crazy yesterday!!!  I opened up the garage door yesterday morning at 5:30 and  it couldn't decided to rain or snow.  Obviously the temps dropped and it was snowing like crazy by late morning.  Enough to cancel the soccer games.  And how they do not like to cancel those games!

Have already been to Kirsten's this morning.  I bought some baked goodies from a gal a work to support a fund raiser is is doing.  So, I shared a few with Kirsten.  Curtis is on the road this week.  Only about 3 weeks left for him until retirement. 
These beautiful flowers I got at Costco on Saturday, when Kristen and I made the trip to Helena.  They always have such gorgeous flowers and for such a reasonable price. 


Lisa said...

What a gorgeous card!! I love the silhouette image!! It's fabulous!! The pearls are a perfect touch!! And what beautiful flowers!! Have a great evening :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracy said...

The flowers are so pretty…sorry about the snow :(
Your card is so pretty.

Nat said...

gorgeous card it!! looking forward to seeing lots of great pictures taken with your new camera. Happy belated Mothers day to you :)

S said...

Lovely card, the pearls are fab.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Beautiful post and beautiful silhouette card, Leslee! I hope spring finally decides to STICK where you are! The poor flowers don't know what to do! Hugs, Darnell