Saturday, May 31, 2014

After the Storm

It has been kind of a stormy Saturday.  The first one moved through about 7:30 this morning and another one around dinner time.  I was in the tub when the first one moved through and it shortened my stay. Didn't want to be in the tub with the lightening and thunder.  I went out after it blew through to move a few flower pots as I didn't want the new plants to drowned.  But then the light was rather cool out and I snapped a few photos. 

 Can you see the shadow on our sky chair?
 I got to watch the boys for a bit today, while Kirsten took Harlee for a much needed haircut. 
Finished up this layout on the Tower of Terror today.  Only a few layout left to do.  The end is very much in sight.
Just came in from walking and it certainly is much cooler out.  And I saw 4 bunnies along the way. 


Lisa said...

What gorgeous flowers!! They are so beautiful!! And awesome layout of the Tower of Terror!! I'm going to be sad when you complete your Disney album!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracy said...

Your flowers are so pretty :)
We had the heat on today, it really cooled off here as well
Another great layout :)

Tracey said...

More great photos and a great layout!