Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day!

Here we start another month.  I had an early wake up call from work to see if I wanted to go in.  I had to decline as I just worked yesterday and I am off to a nursing conference.

Yesterday, as usual, was a busy afternoon.  Babies in and out.  Like I said before, we have revolving doors.  The regular OB floor no longer has a newborn nursery, so any baby that needs to transition for a few hours needs to come and visit us.  Which adds to our work load.

It looks nice outside and I am going to get dressed and head out for a walk.  Today is garbage day, so I will be fighting the cans along the street.

Kirsten and the munchkins were here last evening when I arrived home, playing outside.  And Curtis saw his first little gosling yesterday and took photos of them, which are on his Picture a Day blog.  

The layout I made for Caitlin arriving on our Disney trip and the kids didn't know, thus I titled it Surprise.

One more of my pocket layouts.  


Lisa said...

What a fun layout!! The design is fabulous!! And your pocket page is just gorgeous!! I hope you enjoy your walk amongst the garbage cans!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracy said...

Lovely layout as is your pocket page.
Wayne forgot a few bags of garbage. I brought them out just as the garbage men went past my house. I ran after them, but the didn't hear me, lol. I am sure the neighbours had a chuckle if they were watching, lol.

Nat said...

love seeing your swimming layout!! I just started swimming at the local community center on a regular basis. oddly enough I put on 3 lbs since I started lol!! thats so wrong... oh well. love the disney layout too. Jessie the young lady I scrapbook with picked up a really nice Mickey scrapbook from Michaels. fits the large 12x12 pages.hope your having a great week :)