Saturday, May 17, 2014


I really haven't been gone.  But we have had internet issues. 
Curtis had been out of town this week and Wed. afternoon the internet stopped working.  So, I just waited until he got home late Thursday. 
Thursday evening we had a severe thunderstorm warning and yes, we did have thunderstorms and lots of rain.
Yesterday, the internet was out again.  Curtis went and got us a new router and finally late yesterday, got it up and running again.
It is then you realize how much our lives are ruled by a computer and the internet.
So, I thought I better sneak a post in here.  Not trusting the internet so much these days.  Is it any wonder???  It was out one day last week too.  Hopefully Curtis has everything figured out once again.

Wed. afternoon it was so nice and the kids get out early from school, Kirsten and I took them to feed the ducks and play at the park.  Those Cdn. geese are very aggressive this spring.  They jumped right out of the water onto the side walk and the kids were a little afraid of them.  

 Look at the determination on her face to get across the rings!

 watching his siblings.


Lisa said...

Oh, what sweet pictures!! They look like they are having so much fun!! Those geese can get aggressive...I remember once when I was younger, a friend and I were riding mopeds and she got to close to them and they started chasing her. I was laughing so hard, though I tried not too!! I hope you got your internet problems fixed!! Have a great weekend :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

S said...

Bummer about the internet issues. But it looks like a lovely afternoon out with the little ones.

Nat said...

looks like a wonderful day in the park. Canadian geese scare the heck out of me!! Wish I could send them all down to Montana and change their name to Montana Geese lol! :)

Tracy said...

those must be city Canadian Geese, lol.
I was trying to take some photos of the Geese at my SIL camp this weekend and they kept swimming away.
They looked like dots in my photos, lol.
So nice to see the little ones playing outside :)