Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day for Digging Dirt!

It has been a beautiful day out with highs well into the 70's. After a kind of slow start( I was beat after having yet another busy day at work). I picked up Kirsten and Cooper and we headed out to get some dirt and then to get some flowers.

Cooper had a nap after lunch and Kirsten and I got some flowers and veggies planted.

On Wed., the kids are done early from school. They came home and painted some plant pots. They are being filled with a flower for their teachers.

Cooper is in to everything!!! He wants to climb up on anything higher than him. Took him down to the flowers beds and eating dirt was on his agenda. Would he eat the applesauce I served him at lunch? Oh, no!

We got our mower back from the tune-up shop. And it is working 100% better! So, the lawn got mowed this evening!

Anyhoo, a few photos of the dirt eating machine.

And of coarse, one more Disney layout!


Lisa said...

Those pictures are so adorable!! LOL that he wouldn't eat applesauce but would eat the dirt!! He's so precious!! Gorgeous Disney layout!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracy said...

Who doesn't like to eat a little bit of dirt now and again, teehee.
Great layout

S said...

He's making a meal out of that garden, isn't he. So cute! And how many Disney pages does that make?