Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Musings!

Have managed to keep myself busy today.....  Changed sheets on the bed and laundered them. 

Kirsten messaged me to see if I would get treats for Harlee's class tomorrow, since she forgot and had to go to work.  What a good nana I am.  I didn't really want to go to the grocery store to buy some sugar filled snack.  I made banana muffins with chocolate chips- 2 doz. of them. 

And it has been a very nice day, with rain forecast for tomorrow and Sat.  Last evening I had gone out and mowed the front yard.  The mower is protesting because it is so long and thick!!!
I couldn't even begin to face the back yard last evening.  Some of that grass was up to my shins.  But, today, after lunch I hit up the back yard and got it all done.  Good job, accomplished!  But, for some reason my shoulders are feeling it this evening. 

Curtis has gone off to camera club, so I have the evening to myself.  I need to unload the dishwasher and put dirty dinner dishes in it. 

I will leave you with a cute layout of Nic.  When we were at Disneyland, the park was celebrating Halloween and we attended Mickeys Halloween Party.  The pictures are of Nic when we were waiting for the park transit.  He wanted to be a sheriff, because of the big star badge, I think. 

This layout did not end up the way it started.  It is very monochromatic.  I had started by trying to mist the stars with a dark brown and a stencil. but it was just smearing.  So, I turned the paper over and started again.  I put some inking on the paper and put it together.  But, it was looking way too bland for me.  So, then I added the stars, using the stencil, but this time using distress ink and an applicator.  Success!!!  The cut out stars were laying around on my desk and I decided to use them up.  Also the scrabble tile cutout, they were on the back of a piece of paper I had been using.  The layout just kind of fell together. But I love the end result!


Tracy said...

This is such a great layout.
I love the colour combination!!

Lisa said...

The layout looks fabulous!! You did an awesome job with the stars!! And the pictures are so sweet!! And yum, I would love one of your banana muffins with chocolate chips!! Have a great weekend :)

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cait! said...

This is nice! He's so cute I can almost forget about what a turkey he is. Lol!