Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday!

I hope you are all out there spending lots of $$$ on this cyber Monday, because I am not.  Should be at work, but home sick with Harlee.  We both have the crud.  She is on the mend and it was so nice of the grandkids to share with their nana!!!  She has been sick pretty much all weekend.  So, I hope I throw this off, not the time of year to be sick.
But I did get some decorations out over the past couple of days.  The tree is up, but it  is not decorated.  I really love this time of year with all the pretty decorations and lights.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.
It is been too busy around here or else grandchildren have been present to do any creating.  But I do have my December Daily ready to go and will share it tomorrow.
Kirsten has picked up a couple of extra days at work since her manager had a family member pass away and needed Kirsten to cover.  Her big dilemma is child care.  So, we will have Coop on Wed. and Thurs.  He wears a nana out.
A few last photos from the flower shop.


And a little woodsy Christmas card! 
Linking it up to a Christmas card challenge #52- Where anything goes
And Merry Monday Christmas challenge- needs to have a bird on it. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving/Black Friday!

It was a pretty quiet Thanksgiving around here.  Harlee had spent the night on Wednesday.  She has had a cold and I don't think she was feeling to great yesterday morning.  She didn't eat much for breakfast, and then pretty much was on the couch watching the parade.  Lunch was better and then she got dressed.  She and I watched the National dog show, which I often did with Cait.  I taught her to play Yahtzee.  The turkey got in the oven and it started smelling yummy.  I didn't even get a picture of it, but it sure was tasty.  Kirsten and the rest of the crew showed up around 3pm.  She helped get the rest of the dinner together and a yummy meal was enjoyed by all.  Boy, I hate the clean up.  It was a pretty big turkey at 19lb.and she was able to take lots of left overs home for her crew. 

These are the only 3 photos I got.  And we forgot to put out those little turkeys she and I made the day before.  Curtis reminded me at bedtime!!!!!
So, today is Black Friday, and I am at home.  Will go out later this morning and see if there is anything left.  I refuse to go out on Thanksgiving.  I think that should be time for families, after I have had to work so many holidays.  Not that many great deal out there to bust my butt over
!!  Besides most of my shopping is done!  And it is pretty cold out there and I don't want to be in it.  There is snow on the ground from Tues/Wed. when it snowed.  We had almost 5inches.

Another little Christmas card I made using a Memory Box die that was sitting in my stash.
Linking it up to Simon Says Stamps Wed. Challenge, where anything goes.  

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Day Before!

Thanksgiving.  And it was spent with the grandkids.  I was out of the house before 8:30 to run to the grocery store for a few last minute items.  According to the statistics we had 4.8in. of snow yesterday and through the night.  It made the roads slick, so I stayed on the side roads, which were mainly snowy.  I did see a couple of drivers that really needed to slow way down.  I got the walk shoveled when I came home, just in time to have the 3 munchkins arrive. 
Cooper barely gets in the door and The Polar Express needs to go on the TV, even if he doesn't sit and watch it.  I got a little prep done for tomorrow.  At least the pie is made and I put the sweet potatoes in the oven while it was on. 
The kids were good.  The big kids went out to play in the snow and sled down our hill.  It was pretty cold out today, so they weren't out too long. 
Harlee is spending the night and will watch the big parade on the TV in the morning. 
Cooper watched trains on the computer with papa and in a book

 The big kids are absorbed with the electronics and mind craft

 a few minutes outside.  Cooper wasn't happy he couldn't be out, but his mum didn't bring snow pants or boots for him. 
 And lastly Harlee and I made turkeys to decorate our table with tomorrow. 

Thanks to Pinterest. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just Another Day at the Office!

That was me yesterday as I toddled off to work in the NICU.  Thought I may get a short day, since they were discharging babies, but oh, no.  They floated someone in the afternoon so I was there for my 12 hour shift.  So many social issues!!! 
Heading back for a few hours this afternoon, so a gal can take her two little girls to see Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer on stage.  I remember those moments and don't want her to miss out. 
We are also under a winter storm watch, with snow and drifting winds predicted.  And not so nice driving, just in time for the holiday!  Our turkey is thawing in the fridge.
Curtis managed to have Kirsten and the kids her for dinner last night.  He asked what to do for supper.  I don't much care, so I suggested he do eggs or pancakes.  Pretty soon Harlee had invited herself to dinner!  I say to Kirsten- does dad know.  Pretty soon he invited the whole tribe.  But the kids did eat up.  We had Harlee and Cooper, while Kirsten took Nic to Boy Scouts. 
A few more shots from the florists. I picked some that might be appropriate with the weather we have to look forward to.  

 And  lastly a Christmas card.  Using some never used dies before. 
Linking it up the Simon Says Stamps, where the challenge is Christmas cards.
And Christmas card Challenges where Anything Goes.

And as usual the paper for the card came out of my scrap basket!!!  That is why I save them. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

On A Field Trip

with Curtis and the camera club to a local florist.  To shoot Christmas decor and flowers.  It was very festive. 
Doing the ever dreaded laundry, since I am scheduled to work tomorrow.  We shall see if it comes to fruition.  I was there for a few moments on Friday and they had been discharging babies. 
And they are predicting snow and cold starting on Tuesday.  Just in time for the big holiday!  Good thing we are planning to be at home to celebrate.  Got a big turkey the other day and it is now in the fridge thawing out. 
 I found this little guy all by himself
 It is the season of Poinsettias!

 There were some pretty orchids, but nothing like I saw in Hawaii!

I am not a fan of poinsettias, but this one with the different coloured leaves was beautiful.
A self portrait. 
More to come!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Morning!

It's quiet and peaceful and cold!!!  I whopping 27F.  And it's going to get colder by Thanksgiving!
Yesterday, early in the morning we had snow.  We had 2.4in, they say and it made the streets very slick.  I had to go out for a hair cut and almost slid through a couple of corners, even though I wasn't going very fast.  By the time, I was done the streets were starting to melt a little, thank goodness. 
My day didn't slow down at all.  I ran to get my turkey for next week.  I picked up Curtis from coffee.  I headed to the hospital to get current on a lab system we use.  We got Harlee from school, had an early dinner and they headed to her basket ball game for 5:30.  Thankfully Curtis took her home when her mum got done work.
Not sure how I ever got everything done when I worked more.
Thursday afternoon I worked a few hours and Kirsten and Harlee picked me up from work and we headed to the high school.  We watched their rendition of Hairspray.  The girl that played the lead is the granddaughter of a co-worker and Kirsten also worked with her  and her mum at the coffee shop.  What a terrific show from kids that are only in high school.  Kudos to them all.  It was a wonderful production!
I have to share some photos of a tree that was out the back of our hotel in Missoula last week.  It still had most of its leaves and a very interesting trunk.

 Doesn't it look like it has eyes watching the world go by!

And I finished up this layout of Harlee from Halloween.  I made kind of a shaker card with the title.  And I had to used my sewing machine, which I do very little of when I scrapbook.
 Papers used- MME( Lost and Found, Boo to You)
                      Maggie Holmes(Shine)
Paper scraps
MME enamel dots
October Afternoon stickers
Crate paper sequins
MME washi

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Windy, windy Tuesday!!!!

We are having gale force winds today.  The weather reported we had a gust of 58mph and up on the Rocky Mountain front gusts up to 90mph.  I just hate it when the wind blows with so much force.  And on top of that Curtis has gone down through the canyon to Helena on a Red Cross blood drove.
It is such bipolar weather these days.  Yesterday it couldn't decide if it wanted to rain or snow! This is what it looked like.

But, I looked outside and it was making something I wanted to take photos of.  So, I got a coat on and out I went and this is what I was seeing. 

Not sure where the last two days have gone but they have buzzed right by me.  I ran to Target with Kirsten and Cooper yesterday and came home and cleaned house.  Not much time left.  After dinner Cooper and Harlee were here while their brother was at Scouts.  They both got in the big tub.  And after I had Cooper out and dried, he decided to climb back in.  Try lugging a 37lb screaming toddler up the stair for papa to deal with.  I am not used to that!!!!
Today I have been sewing- trying to get a couple of projects finished up.  Making binding, that didn't want to go together just right.  But, I won out in the end!!!!  After a few tearing out episodes. 
I will leave you with a layout I did of Curtis and I.  When I put the new family photos up on the wall I have been trying to scrap the old ones.  I thought Harlee might like a layout in her album of her nana and papa. 

Papers from MME-Festive Signature Christmas
                   Sassafrass Lass- sunshine Broadcast
                   Bo Bunny- Double Dot
Title cut on Silhouette
Pink Paislee Heart misted with Colorshine
Crate Paper - Kiss, Kiss- Stickers and chipboard

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Life on Sunday

is quiet and peaceful, which is very much needed after a couple of very busy days. 

I got through my nursing conference.  Having to sit all day in one spot is just not ideal for me!!  But I got my CEU's to add to the 24 that I need to get to renew my nursing license.  We came back Friday evening after the conference, because I needed to go to a baby shower yesterday early in the morning.  Not an ideal choice to have.  It rained all the way through the mountains and made it very hard to see.  Thankfully it was just rain and not snow.  That would have made the roads slippery.  Once we got back on the plains the wind was blowing.  There were over turned semis in Browning and the gusts in that area had reached 80-90mph.  That is WINDY!!!

So , yesterday, I went to the baby shower.  Curtis watched the boys and I came home and helped with that.  Tim came around 3pm for them.  They were very good.  Nic is happy on the IPad and Cooper is just busy.  He like to have the Polar Express on.  He loves trains. 

So, today, I am trying to pull out goodies to use for my December Daily.  I actually covered some old chipboard letters with some Christmas paper in hopes of using them.  I also found some cool corrugated red letters.  There are not many left.  But I managed to fit together the words december, cozy, snowy, joy, and home.  I ran them through the Xyron so I wouldn't have to remember what they spell when the time comes to use them. 

Curtis was going to put up our Christmas lights.  He took them down earlier in the spring when we had to have our roof replaced.  Kirsten and Tim got to moving things in the garage and now they are MIA.  Hopefully they turn up here real soon. 

Enjoyed my shopping trip in Missoula on Wed.  Got another couple of Christmas presents, so that I am almost done now.  Just have to get them wrapped up and some sent out of town.  We will probably make another trip up to the Flathead sometime in Dec. to deliver gifts and hopefully skirt the winter weather. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Over The Mountains, and Through the Woods

we were off to Missoula, after a meeting with our financial advisor.  There was snow as we traveled west until we reached the other side of the pass.  When we came out from lunch at the Cracker Barrel, it was snowing. It has snowed on aand off all day.
Lots of great bargains with today being Veteran's Day.
Did some Christmas shopping!  And yes, I am almost done!  Maakes a difference when you have to ship some out of town and some out of the country!
Tomorrow headed north to Kalispell and the Flathead valley to have a visit with Curtis' dad and a nursing conference for me.
So you get photos today!