Sunday, November 15, 2015

Life on Sunday

is quiet and peaceful, which is very much needed after a couple of very busy days. 

I got through my nursing conference.  Having to sit all day in one spot is just not ideal for me!!  But I got my CEU's to add to the 24 that I need to get to renew my nursing license.  We came back Friday evening after the conference, because I needed to go to a baby shower yesterday early in the morning.  Not an ideal choice to have.  It rained all the way through the mountains and made it very hard to see.  Thankfully it was just rain and not snow.  That would have made the roads slippery.  Once we got back on the plains the wind was blowing.  There were over turned semis in Browning and the gusts in that area had reached 80-90mph.  That is WINDY!!!

So , yesterday, I went to the baby shower.  Curtis watched the boys and I came home and helped with that.  Tim came around 3pm for them.  They were very good.  Nic is happy on the IPad and Cooper is just busy.  He like to have the Polar Express on.  He loves trains. 

So, today, I am trying to pull out goodies to use for my December Daily.  I actually covered some old chipboard letters with some Christmas paper in hopes of using them.  I also found some cool corrugated red letters.  There are not many left.  But I managed to fit together the words december, cozy, snowy, joy, and home.  I ran them through the Xyron so I wouldn't have to remember what they spell when the time comes to use them. 

Curtis was going to put up our Christmas lights.  He took them down earlier in the spring when we had to have our roof replaced.  Kirsten and Tim got to moving things in the garage and now they are MIA.  Hopefully they turn up here real soon. 

Enjoyed my shopping trip in Missoula on Wed.  Got another couple of Christmas presents, so that I am almost done now.  Just have to get them wrapped up and some sent out of town.  We will probably make another trip up to the Flathead sometime in Dec. to deliver gifts and hopefully skirt the winter weather. 

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Lisa said...

What a busy week you've had!! I love the layout!! The design is fabulous and what a sweet picture!! I thought we had strong winds the other day and they were just in the 40-50 mph range!! I can't imagine 80-90!! That is windy!! Have a great evening :)

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