Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It is only 8pm and the door is locked and the lights off, as we ran out of candy.  I bought my usual amount, so obviously we had more kids!  Lots of little ones this year, which are so darn cute.   I had a cowboy and a princess and a little Frankenstein here for dinner with their mum and dad.  First time Tim has been off from his pm job on Halloween, since Kirsten ad Tim have been together.  Didn't get any photos as I was busy cooking dinner and then cleaning up.  Cooper stayed with us while Halee and Nic went trick or treating in the neighborhood

See, but I do have photos of the kids dressed up from the Halloween party at Disneyland!

This morning I made some breakfast burritos to put in the freezer.  I made pumpkin shape cookies to take to Nic's class tomorrow.  They are having a pumpkin activity day.  I got the bathrooms cleaned.  And cooked a yummy dinner for us all.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Survived my Trip to the Dentist

My day started early and I was to the dentist by 8am.  Getting the tooth I sheered off all set for a crown.  There is a temporary one on for the present and will get the real one when we get back from Hawaii. 
Then Kirsten and I headed out for Walmart and Sam's Club.  Got a couple of Christmas presents bought. 
Came home and I couldn't stay awake, so I just gave in got on the couch and had a little nap.  Fighting off a bug I think I got from the crew at Kirsten's.
Kirsten came over and played with my Silhouette, cutting out something in some vinyl.  She brought the kids over for awhile.  I made some homemade turkey noodle soup.  And wiped down the wood floors. 
Curtis spent a long day to Missoula and back. 

Paper from Elle's Studio and my scrap pile.
Washi Tape
Arrows-Scenic Route
Tidbits-Oct. Afternoon
MME-drame and decorative brads
Title-Bella Blvd letter stickers

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Floors are Finished!

The tilers arrived this morning to finish up grouting and putting the edge on.  Took them all day, but it is done.  Except he will be back to seal the grout in a couple of days.  It was good to be able to cook in the kitchen again with the fridge, stove and dishwasher back in place.

Woke up to it snowing and it snowed practically all day.  I was cancelled from work, yet once again.  But it meant I could chill at home and not be out on the slippery streets.  Kirsten stopped by, picked the kids up and brought them here for an hour before she went picked up Tim. We live very close to his work place. His Lancer doesn't like the snow.  And his beast, the old Camera is parked at our house.  

Will share one of my Halloween cards, since it is creeping right up here.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

We're under a Winter Storm Watch

It is snowing as I write this and to get quite a bit of snow over night.  They still are unsure of how much snow we may get.  Best guesses between 6-8 inches.  The morning commute should be interesting as this is the first snow of the season. 
Work called and I am just on call in the morning.  We shall see.  I won't be surprised if the phone rings in the morning. 
Today I ran to the grocery store for a few things.  I got behind the mower and mulched the leaves in the front yard.  I went to an open house just kitty corner to us.  Shocked when they said it was for sale for $249,000.  Good to know .  Makes the value of my house pretty good. 

Will leave you with another layout.  Yes, I have been creating.  So many photos to do, now there is three little munchkins. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Couple of Cute Pages

I have actually got in my scrap space and created.  Have been missing that in my life.
But with being cancelled from work and my house being in a mess from the tile going in.  I needed to be contained somewhere.  And that ended up being my scrap room!

Today I got my Halloween cards sent and a package off to Caitlin!  Had planned to bake her some cookies this weekend.  But that will not be happening with my stove in the living room.

Ran out with Kirsten to get boots for the munchkins, since we have snow and much coder temps predicted for the next couple of days.  Hoping it will warm up a bit for the little ones who will be Trick or Treating!

Papers used were from MME
Tidbits were from Elle's Studio
Letter Stickers for the title -  Sassafrass Lass
                                            Webster Pages

 Papers - Fancy Pants
Tim Holtz Grunge board hearts(sprayed with Mr Huey's mist and Color Shine)
 Chipboard letters for the title were also sprayed
Bo Bunny flower boarder
Mini Letters from Simple Stories
Michaels brand pearls

Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn Colours!

Today, we rolled down the highway to Helena.  It was dark when we left and we enjoyed a yummy breakfast at IHOP.  I quick and pricey trip to Costco.  And we turned around and drove home along the frontage road to enjoy the colours.  So glad we were able to make the trip with our friends Robyn and Walter!
Hope you enjoy the beautiful photos I captured!

A reflection in the water
A little taste of our fall along the Missouri River.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Awesome Autumn

I can't help but rave about out awesome autumn weather!!  They are predicting it will change drastically over the weekend with significant snow and highs only in the 20's.  it must be Halloween.  I took my kids out more than once in the snow for Halloween.  You always need a costume you can put a snow suit under!!!  
In the meantime, we shall soak up all the sunshine and warmth over the next two days.
Today I watched the baby.  But I did it at Kirsten's house since mine is up-side-down with tile being laid on the main level.  He would have loved the noise of the staple gun and the air compressor.  I had to run to the dentist since I sheered the back off a tooth the other day.  Looks like I will be getting a crown next week!   $$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!   Had to take him with me to the salon this afternoon since a haircut was scheduled.  You can imagine me lugging all 21 pounds of him in his car seat.  
Pictures are from earlier in the week when the kids were over.  They were going to help me take the  remaining plants out of the gardens.  Nic ended up digging-looking for worms.  Harlee raked up a little leaf pile and was jumping in the leaves and throwing them in the air.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One Little Layout!

Actually worked on a couple of layouts over last weekend!  Been awhile since that happened.  Have worked on other crafty goodness though!

Got called into work late yesterday afternoon.  Then headed over to Kirsten's for a bit as Curtis was watching the boys while the girls were at Girl Scouts.  

They will be working on installing my tile floors today.  In the kitchen, down the hall and into the bathroom.

We are experiencing beautiful autumn weather.  I think it must be our Indian summer.  I better enjoy it as they are calling for snow Sunday night and Monday .  The trees have been beautifully, too.  


Supplies used:
Paper from Fancy Pants Design and Echo Park
Title cut with Quikcutz font Journal
Mini letters from Oct. Afternoon
tidbits from Oct. Afternoon
Mushrooms and owl- Crate Paper

Monday, October 21, 2013

Disney through the Eyes of our Princess

Harlee was totally absorbed in every aspect of Disney.  She wanted to meet all the characters and get their autographs.  She wanted the special Halloween dessert that came In a little pumpkin.  And the nana got it for her!  She loved the rides.  It was perfect to enjoy Disney through her eyes!!!!!

She loved how Merida teased her about all her missing teeth!!
My day in a nutshell, since I was totally cancelled from work.  Went with Kirsten to the boy's doctors appt.  came home and vacuumed through and mopped floors.  Ran an errand or two.  The kids were here after school.  It was beautiful outside, so we pulled dead flowers out of the gardens.  Harlee came home with a pumpkin almost as big as she is!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nic's kind of Day at Disney

What more could a little boy ask for- to ride trains, ride a fire truck and clang the bell.  And ride the monorail with papa.  Eat popcorn for lunch!!!
And don't you love his conductor's hat with ears that his papa bought him!

He got to meet the main cheese!
He had to ride in the front car right behind the engine!
The last two days this little man has asked to go back to the corn maze.  Today, I had a tea party with Harlee.  Got the grass mowed. Yesterday.  And did do some scrapping.  Chances are not good for me working tomorrow!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Visit to the Corn Maze

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, after two gloomy, rainy days.  I told H&N, since they were off school and if they were good we would go out to the corn maze.  There are lots of activities for them yo do and they could run around in the sunshine and fresh air.  And the temp was well into the 50's by the time we got there.  And another positive feature is it is only a short drive out of town to the Sterling Cattle Corn Maze.

Why couldn't they ride in two little cars close together?

Look at the huge pumpkin- only 168lbs!
This little guy went with us too.  All bundled up!
All in all, a good time was had by everyone!