Sunday, October 6, 2013

An Afternoon in Downtown Disney

After spending the morning in Disneyland.  Nic had had enough.  We enjoyed lunch at Rainforest Cafe.  Nic had ice cream.  We wondered through Downtown Disney and the various stores.  The kids enjoyed the Lego store.  Curtis and I strolled back through there another day to purchase a couple of items. 
 Harlee and Papa enjoys the teacup ride
 He just strolled along!
 The Lego store

 Hrlee and Oliver at the Rain Forest Cafe
 Some yummy Halloween treats
She had to have her photo with Ursala
Trying one of many princess hats


Tracy said...

Looks like a blast!!!
Love the cute sweets :)

Nat said...

so much eye candy, love the tea cups and lego land! my husband still has the mickey mouse watch I bought him over 20 years ago. :) thanks for sharing !!