Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October has arrived!

It's October and it is nippy out! I had to turn the furnace on when we got home last evening.  It was only 61 degrees in the house!  Got some unpacking done.  Ran to the grocery store  last evening, as I knew I was watching Cooper today!  Got the laundry done.  Got downstairs and dug out my fall decorations.  The kids arrived after school.  Nic blasts in the door, tells me he had to pull a card,which is not good.  I ask him why-  cause I was talking too much.  This is a rarity.  On most occasions it is like pulling teeth getting info out of him.
I have lots of clean up to do in the backyard.  We have had terrific winds the last couple of days.  The willow tree in my neighbors yard has made a terrible mess in our yard! 
Oh, yes, Harlee came home from school with another tooth missing!
Headed up to Kalispell tomorrow to attend a nursing conference to help me acquire some CEUs.

Will leave you with a couple of photos from Disneyland.

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Tracy said...

Looks like everyone had a great time on your trip :)