Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyper Monday!

Today, it's all about online shopping.  But, I didn't do too much damage at this house!!
But, we did hit up Target this afternoon with their extra 15% off. 

It has been a busy weekend around here. The call for help went out for work for Thanksgiving, so I volunteered to go in for a few hours in the early morning and was home by 11am to get the big turkey in the oven.  We got through Thanksgiving with Kirsten and her crew and had lots of leftovers.  Turkey dinner was yummy.  And also perused all the flyers for Black Friday and didn't really see anything I needed to go out for.  Tim did leave shortly after Thanksgiving dinner for Target to get Harlee a Christmas present.  And was back for pie time.  And he was successful and didn't have to wait in line. 

I had a pounding headache the morning of Black Friday, so it was a good thing I hadn't planned on going out shopping.  Instead, got all the fall decor down and started to haul up boxes with Christmas decor.  My big bay window has to get decorated before the tree can go up. 

Saturday, was a day spent in the NICU.  It was a busy 12 hour shift and I was pooped by the time I got home and was in bed by 8pm.  Curtis took Harlee to the movies to see Fantastic Beasts. 

Yesterday, I finished decorating.  There was figure skating on the TV.  I couldn't have had a more perfect afternoon.  I love to watch skating, maybe that is from living in Canada for so many years and spent an hour or two on the ice rink.  Actually, we just climbed the fence behind our house to the pond to go ice skating when I was a kid.  How perfect was that!

Today, was catch up on laundry, pay a few bills, run to the grocery store.  Work had a pot luck lunch for a gal that is leaving to work in Florida, and we have worked together a good long while!  And then Curtis and I hit up Target. 

No time for creating, except at the sewing machine.  Trying to finish of a couple of Christmas gifts.  Need to cut out some dies for Caitlin for her Christmas cards and get them out to her. 
Need to get the advent calendar gift over to Kirsten's for the grandkids.  I have a couple of layouts I need to take photos of to share.  But, in the meantime, photos of the grandkids creating Thanksgiving turkeys.  They decorated my house over the weekend. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

More Cavern Pics

The big turkey is almost here!!  I made a quick trip to the grocery store early this morning(like 8am)  I wanted to avoid the crowds.  And came home and did a bunch of prep work for tomorrow- made pies, made dressing and got the sweet potatoes and yams cooked up. 

Then the SOS call for work went out.  Why do I feel so guilty about not going in?????  So, I told them I was available from 6am-10am.  That is all I can do and get back home and get the turkey bird in the oven.  So, that is where I will be tomorrow early.  No watching the Macey Day Parade for me.  But, it will be big bucks for those few hours.  And why is the scheduler leaving a holiday so short???

The grandkids came over this afternoon and did a little crafting.  Even Coop got in on the act. 
 And here are the rest of the cave photos.  Just kind of a cool place to spend an afternoon. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Lewis and Clark Caverns

Yesterday, Curtis and I joined a few camera club members for a trek to Lewis and Clark caverns.  I have been a lot of places in Montana, but this is one place I had never been.  It is about a 3 hour drive south of us.  There was a about a half mile jaunt to reach the opening of the caves and one of the park rangers joined us on the adventure.   It was pretty wet in the limestone caverns, which were first discovered back in 1805. 
I will put up half the photos I want today and half next time, because there are 18 I want to show you. 
 Down the path, walking to the cave opening.
 I just liked the look of these pine cones
 We made it!!  There were 8 of us taking photos in a pretty tight quarters. And we were the only ones there. 

 Hey it's me!!!
 Today, I caught up and laundry and finished wrapping up presents for the grandkids advent calendar.  I do this every year and they love it.  Paper lunch sacs and treat bags work really well for this. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Change of Seasons!

Our November, thus far, has been beautiful.  Sunny warm days, even up near 70F.  That is unheard of this late in the season.  But, there has been a change.  Yesterday afternoon it started snowing and turned cold!!!  It is supposedly the average temperature we get this time of year, but it hits you hard when it has been mostly in the 60's the last few weeks.  Need to retrieve the camera and put up a couple of photos!

The grandkids were so excited to have it snowing.  Oh, to be young and not have to drive on slippery roads or shovel walks!!
Nic was trying to catch the snowflakes on his tongue and Cooper all he could say- it's snowing, it's snowing!!!You do get caught up in all their excitement!!!

Since it is snowing, I am getting my house cleaned.  Waiting for the mopped floors to dry.
Have had a few busy days.  Fighting with the hospital over bills, I had already paid.  Finding out I actually have a credit.  So, not impressed.  Lesson to learn----watch your bills!!!!  Don't take their word as gospel.

One more little card I made using dies from Impression Obsession, Poppy Stamps, and Simon Says Stamps
Mising with Mr. Huey and ColorShine
The Twinery Twine
Linking this up to Simon Says Stamp Wed. challenge where the the topic is Christmas critters.

 And a layout of the light house on Rottness Island, near Perth, Australia.
The background paper is from KaiserCraft
The strips are from my scrap basket.
Embellishments are from KaiserCraft, Carta Bella, and Authentique
Mixed up the letter in the title with 2 different letter stickers.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Where Have I Been????

Just out and about, traveling around the state a bit!!!

With the weather so fabulous for November, Curtis and I decided to made a trip to the Flathead, to visit his dad and Sarah, with a little shopping trip in Missoula.  They have great shopping compared to GF.  Nothing like a big city, but more in tune to what I like!!!

We left town Tuesday morning and came back on Thursday so Curtis could go to Camera club!!!

I took photos along the way.

As we head west toward the mountains.  You can see there is very little snow on those mountains.  Everything is so brown without snow.

We ran into some fog on the way to Missoula.

We head north out of Missoula along the Mission mountains and along Flathead Lake.  Yummy cherries orchards are along this lake.  As you can see the weather is outstanding!!!

Snow predicted for later this week. 

The sun was setting as we were on the road

These are from driving back on Thursday along Seeley Lake.  The water is so clear.  I got to visit 2 quilt shops on the way back home. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Indian Summer???

We have been enjoying some marvelous autumn weather this first week of November!  Saturday we reached a high of 70 F.  That is at least a good 15 degrees above our norm.  And yesterday was well into the 60's and it is to continue this week.  We must have an awesome high front sitting over us right now.  I, for one will take it.  Winter will be here all too soon!

After working a 12 hour shift on Friday, I spent a quiet weekend at home.  I sewed and worked on a quilty Christmas project on Satuday and made some more Christmas cards yesterday.  We had Nic over yesterday afternoon.  He had a good time.  He lives to be on Papa's computer-  30 min. on with 10 min. off. He had dinner with us and gobbled it right up.  And his mum said he got a bath after going home and went right to bed.  Maybe the time change had something to do with that.  

I would show you photos of my projects, but it will have to wait until I take them with my camera and load them onto my computer!  Usually I take a quick snap on my phone and can load it right up on my blog.  But blogger seems to have issues with this since I last posted and won't let me.  Not sure what is going on!  I assume it is them, since nothing has changed at my end!  Anyone else having issues???

And, Friday, Harlee had a piece of her artwork in a art show at the college.  Kirsten gets a call from Harlee from school.  I am sure she was wondering what now, as we have had a few issues over the last few weeks!  The art show reception is from 4-6pm, that afternoon at the college.  The only one that is not working is Curtis, so he takes her down and they find the piece of art.  A co- worker snaps a photo of it, but that is on my phone and won't load up.  It would be nice if there was a little advance notice of these events, so we all could enjoy them!  

Here we are off on another exciting week.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

And November has Blown Through the Door!

And another year is almost gone.  My days just whiz by!!  How about yours???

I have put in another busy day! Cleaning house, vacuuming and mopping floors.  House gets a little dirty after the grandkids have visited.  Another load of laundry!  And no stopping there- Paid the bills that were due.  And then headed into work for a couple of hours to cover for a gal.  Came home and got dinner ready to go.  It's yummy fajita chicken bake!  

Yesterday, Kirsten and I went shopping at Michaels.  Coop doesn't want to go shopping there and puts on quite the show.  Then he gets in all the Christmas stuff and doesn't want to leave.  It's snowing he says.  He hated the Halloween stuff, but loves all the lit up trees and sparkly balls! 
 My little helper??? from over the weekend!

 Harlee was the only one that wanted to dress up for Halloween..  Isn't she so cute as Hermoine????