Saturday, December 31, 2011

Picture of the Week #52

Here it is New Year's Eve and another year almost over. I think I screwed up somewhere with my picture of the week--as according to my count it is only 51, but IRL it is the last week of the year! Have really neglected my blog this week, but needed a little break.
I promised Harlee we would have a girl sleepover, while Cait was here and before Harlee headed back to school. So last night was the sleepover. Curtis kept to the basement and the girls played Wii. She had a bath in the jetted tub. And had a great evening. Bedtime is always interesting. I put her to bed around 9pm and she was still awake until after 1opm. She thinks the adults should be going to bed when she does. Despite not going to sleep until rather late, she is an early bird like her nana and was up at 6:45. So, I brought her in my craft space and she inked and stamped, drew pictures, and did stickers. And Curtis cooked her pancakes for breakfast.
Cait and I did a little shopping and spending the rest of the day at home.
Spending New Year's Eve at home--and that is OK, I am really a home body.
Cait is going out with a couple of friends, after dinner.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anniversary Celebrations

Today, Curtis and I celebrate being married for 27 years. Went out to a movie yesterday afternoon and then we went out for dinner tonight.
It's not always been smooth sailing, but we've managed all these years together and look forward to many more. He has put up with me, supports me, loves me through thick and thin. He treats me like a queen. I love him dearly. And he is my best friend!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Being Canadian, the after Christmas is Boxing Day for us. When we were kids, my mum always went shopping for Christmas cards, and wrap for the next year since it would be half price.
My Boxing Day didn't exactly turn out as I planned. I woke up with a pounding headache, but headed out shopping early for a couple of items I wanted. One thing I wanted was poppers for next year--they are part of our Christmas celebration and not exactly easy to find in GF.
I hadn't been home long, when the phone rang and it was work calling to see if I would be on call. They were expecting some babies and I said I would as a last resort. I guess they called almost everyone in the unit, but no one else would go in. I didn't want to see them running so short so I went in to help admit and came home around 3pm.
Curtis and I then went to see Sherlock Holmes at the movies to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry, Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone who continues to follow my blog a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Hope the man in red has been very good to you.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Today was a day of construction! Putting a train table together. Putting a car together. Putting a bed together.
The grandkids were here enjoying the day Wii. Watching a movie. Wrestling with Auntie Cait. Enjoyed fondue and shrimp and the others had Lefse.
Kirsten, Tim and Cait are all sick with head colds.
Everyone opened one gift under the tree. Nic was thrilled with his tool box from Auntie Cait. Harlee liked her Horse and rider for her dollhouse from Nana and papa.
Cait got a Wii game. Kirsten- a new camera. Papa a gift card and me a cord for my IPad to download photos from my camera.
Kirsten and her crew will be back in the morning for more celebrations.
Hard to believe Christmas is here tomorrow.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Picture of the Week #50

I have to post a picture of some of the cookies I baked. It is a big part of our holiday celebrations---lots of different cookies. Sometimes I surprise myself with all the different kinds I end up with. And I hope my girls will carry on this tradition down the road.

I worked yesterday and it was just a crazy day. Now I am off until into the New Year, unless we get busy and the unit calls. Nice to be able to celebrate with my family and not worry about working. Or if I would float somewhere else on my holiday to work!

And I don't think we will be having snow for Christmas--far too windy and warm! Nice for people that have to travel though!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fun Time at Preschool

with Harlee. She is now on break for Christmas. Kirsten, Tim, Nic, Cait and I headed out to Harlee's preschool for family fun time. They sure like to include the family in their activities. They were doing some fun activities when we arrived--Nic wanted to be included.
Then there was art projects to do and she could come home at the end instead of riding the bus today.
Had some snow that made it very slippery out when we needed to drive across town for the fun time.
Curtis got home from the Flathead.
And I actually get to work a whole shift tomorrow. Makes 2 for this pay period, when I thought I might not work any!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Building a House

Yesterday Kirsten and the kids came over. She bought a gingerbread making house for Cait to build with Harlee. Nic had to get in on the act too.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Motivation

Today, I hopefully finished up baking. I had some sugar cookie dough in the garage that I had made up last Thursday. It got rolled out, cut and baked. Then Cait joined me in icing and decorating them. Made a couple of other kinds.
I went to the grocery store to order our prime rib for Christmas dinner. And then I had to stop at the post office to pick up the box my sister sent. I didn't really want to be there, it was crazy. But they had a separate person going to get packages and I didn't have to wait for an open window.
Had a couple of inches of snow last evening that made the roads very slippery this morning.
After preschool, Harlee was here, so she and Cait could build a gingerbread house. Kirsten and the kids stayed for dinner and I made spaghetti, which was pretty easy.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Off to a Concert

Yesterday, Curtis and I headed out down the road and drove west to Missoula. That was after he went and did some work and we also took care of a flat tire on our vehicle.

There was s concert we had tickets to in Hamilton, MT--Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. They are a swing Curtis likes a lot and they were actually performing in Montana and we got tickets.

It was a great concert. They played some of their original swing music and some of their Christmas songs. It was a very upbeat time.

We also met up with Caitlin, since she had driven from Seattle and was spending the night with a friend in Missoula.

Then we did a little shopping today and headed home.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Letter to Santa

This is the letter Harlee wrote to Santa on our train ride last weekend. She wrote it herself, I just had to tell her what letter to write. Pretty good for a 4 year old, I think.
Spent a good chunk of my day with Nicholas today. He was pretty good. We watched his favourite movie-The Polar Express. I bet you couldn't have guessed that one.
I made up 2 batches of cookies and got one baked after he left.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Picture of the Week-#49

Don't you love how happy she looks. And how excited she is about Christmas. She really gets it this year and she makes everything magical.
I don't think Nic really cares or gets it. But he wants to open the presents. And he sure gave Santa the look on the train.
But it is exciting time with little ones around.

Had a busy day today. Was up early getting Turkey Noodle Soup made for our work party.
Went to the grocery store--doesn't take long to leave $100 there.
Had lunch with a good friend--it has been far too long since we have done this and I so enjoyed it.
Ran to Target to get some mitts and gloves --work was collecting them as a community project.
Went to the Work party and came home and crashed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sugar Cookie Time

with Harlee and Nic. I could barely get the dough rolled out, before Nic was there trying to cut out shapes. He wasn't much into putting the icing on them.
Also made mint Bars and Almond Bark.
Not much else with nic being here off and on today.

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Little Baking

Yesterday I started a little Christmas baking.
Got 4 favourites done. And more to go.
Harlee came later in the day to help me finish decorating a couple of things.
The old tin cup was my mums and I remember doing so much baking when I was younger and using this cup.
Just on call for my first Registry shift.
Cold day out.