Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Being Canadian, the after Christmas is Boxing Day for us. When we were kids, my mum always went shopping for Christmas cards, and wrap for the next year since it would be half price.
My Boxing Day didn't exactly turn out as I planned. I woke up with a pounding headache, but headed out shopping early for a couple of items I wanted. One thing I wanted was poppers for next year--they are part of our Christmas celebration and not exactly easy to find in GF.
I hadn't been home long, when the phone rang and it was work calling to see if I would be on call. They were expecting some babies and I said I would as a last resort. I guess they called almost everyone in the unit, but no one else would go in. I didn't want to see them running so short so I went in to help admit and came home around 3pm.
Curtis and I then went to see Sherlock Holmes at the movies to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow.


Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary :)
Looks like the little ones had fun :)
As for the poppers, I make them myself...but they don't have the "pop" when you open them. But what I like is you can tailor them to your liking.
Here is my video

cait barrow said...

Happy anniversary mutti! I missed you when you left me today. <3

mehmkefar said...

You better keep that gate shut or he will be cruising down 10th. Pretty nice gift and you can see the delight on his face.