Saturday, December 31, 2011

Picture of the Week #52

Here it is New Year's Eve and another year almost over. I think I screwed up somewhere with my picture of the week--as according to my count it is only 51, but IRL it is the last week of the year! Have really neglected my blog this week, but needed a little break.
I promised Harlee we would have a girl sleepover, while Cait was here and before Harlee headed back to school. So last night was the sleepover. Curtis kept to the basement and the girls played Wii. She had a bath in the jetted tub. And had a great evening. Bedtime is always interesting. I put her to bed around 9pm and she was still awake until after 1opm. She thinks the adults should be going to bed when she does. Despite not going to sleep until rather late, she is an early bird like her nana and was up at 6:45. So, I brought her in my craft space and she inked and stamped, drew pictures, and did stickers. And Curtis cooked her pancakes for breakfast.
Cait and I did a little shopping and spending the rest of the day at home.
Spending New Year's Eve at home--and that is OK, I am really a home body.
Cait is going out with a couple of friends, after dinner.


mehmkefar said...

Sweet shot of Toots. Congrats on finishing all 52 pics of the week. I have enjoyed your beautiful shots so much. I hope you will continue on in 2012.

Tracy said...

Awwww that sounds like a fun girls night :)
We stayed home tonight and invited some family over for dinner, we do this every year.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year :)