Friday, December 23, 2011

Picture of the Week #50

I have to post a picture of some of the cookies I baked. It is a big part of our holiday celebrations---lots of different cookies. Sometimes I surprise myself with all the different kinds I end up with. And I hope my girls will carry on this tradition down the road.

I worked yesterday and it was just a crazy day. Now I am off until into the New Year, unless we get busy and the unit calls. Nice to be able to celebrate with my family and not worry about working. Or if I would float somewhere else on my holiday to work!

And I don't think we will be having snow for Christmas--far too windy and warm! Nice for people that have to travel though!


cait barrow said...

I loved helping decorate them! (And Shannon is a really big fan of eating them. c: )

perlyfam said...

The cookies are so pretty! Bailee baked her sugar cookies today and we'll decorate them tomorrow when both Amber and Ashley are home.

I am in total agreement with Shannon and Cait - I love to eat frosted sugar cookies. They are my very favorite treat!

Merry Christmas!

Tracy said...

We have big fluffy snowflakes here.
Your cookies look so delish.
I left the baking to my girls this year.
I am still not very motivated this year :(
Your ring story broke my heart. I agree it is the bond that hubby and share this is really important :)

mehmkefar said...

How pretty and yummy to boot. Wish I had them at my house. Merry Christmas!