Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December

and take a deep breath. Put your running shoes on and take off. Because there is no going back now!!!!
Major decorating going on at my house. It doesn't happen overnight. It usually takes a day or two. And when I picked Harlee up from the preschool bus, she helped me put decorations on the tree. It was like a treasure hunt for her seeing all nana's pretties for the tree. She had to unwrap all the breakables and see what was in the tissue.
Her dad came to get her and the first thing out of her mouth was --we need to get some beads for mama for our tree. I have pearl-like beads on my tree.
It is just so magical with her around.
She was also asking about the Christmas train ride we are going to take and how many more days. I told her today was Dec. one and we had to get to Dec. ten.


cait barrow said...

my sweeet harleeee!!!

Tracy said...

Such a precious little girl.
Your tree is gorgeous, love your ornaments :)