Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Picture of the Week-#49

Don't you love how happy she looks. And how excited she is about Christmas. She really gets it this year and she makes everything magical.
I don't think Nic really cares or gets it. But he wants to open the presents. And he sure gave Santa the look on the train.
But it is exciting time with little ones around.

Had a busy day today. Was up early getting Turkey Noodle Soup made for our work party.
Went to the grocery store--doesn't take long to leave $100 there.
Had lunch with a good friend--it has been far too long since we have done this and I so enjoyed it.
Ran to Target to get some mitts and gloves --work was collecting them as a community project.
Went to the Work party and came home and crashed.


cait barrow said...

She is the MOST precious little bean. <3

mehmkefar said...

Kids make Christmas!

Tracy said...

Ohhh to have the little ones around this time of year is what makes the season so magical :)
I agree with you, I should start my cards in January ;)