Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fun Time at Preschool

with Harlee. She is now on break for Christmas. Kirsten, Tim, Nic, Cait and I headed out to Harlee's preschool for family fun time. They sure like to include the family in their activities. They were doing some fun activities when we arrived--Nic wanted to be included.
Then there was art projects to do and she could come home at the end instead of riding the bus today.
Had some snow that made it very slippery out when we needed to drive across town for the fun time.
Curtis got home from the Flathead.
And I actually get to work a whole shift tomorrow. Makes 2 for this pay period, when I thought I might not work any!!!

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mehmkefar said...

What a fun party. Bet Toots loved having Cait come along.