Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Little Excursion to Benton Lake

Today has been a dull and dreary day. Only went out to retrieve Harlee from the preschool bus. Have plenty here at home to keep me occupied.
Did't sleep well last night- allergies with everything blooming.

Anyway here are a few photos from our little time up at Benton Lake yesterday.
It is always interesting to see what turns out on the other end of the camera. Lots of birds and waterfowl abound.

Interesting shot with the cattails

A swan on the lake

Our state bird with some yet unidentified bird

A yellow headed blackbird

A female shoveller.

A lucky shot. I wanted to take a shot of the mountains wi fresh snow, that we thankfully didn't get. And what popped up as I pushed the button. Voila!!!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Celebrations for Curtis.

Today we celebrated Curtis' birthday.
I was canceled from work and didn't even have to be on call.
We were up and out of the house early. We ran to walmart to get something on sale
And then out to breakfast at Goodes.
Curtis ran out to the gun show again and I stayed at home and got the roast in the crock pot and a cake baked.
And since I was going to be home, I invited Kirsten and the kids for dinner. I didn't think we would be able to celebrate like this, but happy we could.
Curtis and I took a drive up to Benton Lake. He wanted to see what birds and ducks were hanging around and if there were any babies. We saw lots, but no babies.
We had a yummy dinner, the kids ate up pretty good and were excited to put candles on Papa's cake and help blow them out.
Then they had a bath in nana's big tub and off they went.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Rainy, rainy Friday

It's been a rainy dreary day, but we so need the moisture!!! They are saying snow for tonight.
I went out on a few errands this morning and Nic was here with Curtis when I got back.
Harlee asked me to go to her game day at preschool this afternoon, and it was a fun time. We played Chutes and Ladders with a little boy from her class and his mum.
And she got to bring a game of Candyland home with her.

All products used are from My Minds Eye

Paper uses is from My Minds Eye
title cut wi Cricut
Flower cut with Quickutz die, Dear Lizzy flower from American Crafts

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Couple of Layouts

As promised earlier here are a couple of layouts I completed last weekend.
Pretty boring day, although I did manage to clean my bathrooms, finish vacuuming, and washed my downstairs bathroom floor. Picked up Harlee again from school. A quick trip to the grocery store and Harlee and I ran uptown to pick up my new glasses.

Papers are My Minds Eye, misc. buttons and title cut with the Cricut

Papers are Basic Grey, title and balloons cut out on Cricut

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Cutie Patootie

I had planned to post some layout today, but a change in plans. It has been such a beautiful day and the blossoms are gorgeous out back and I wanted to take advantage of it. Since we are in for much cooler days ahead and some rainy and maybe snowy weather.

I picked up Harlee from the preschool bus and asked her if she would let me take some pictures with the pretty trees. How could she refuse her nana? We got out the step ladder and up she went. I have some cute results. I took a total of 63 shots and just edited 28 of them. They were that good.

She came in the door and saw I had Girl Scout cookies. She is so her mama's girl. What does she pick out of the box to eat??? Of coarse, her mama's favourites-the Samoans!!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Little Burst of Spring

Overnight we now have blossoms on our trees out back and they are quite beautiful. After the record high of 84F yesterday and another day well into the 70's today, it made them all come forth. Better enjoy it as they predict a high on Friday of only 47F. Got the grass mowed yesterday. We just had the mower repaired and it seems to be broken again.
Got canceled from Work today and was home on call. Trying to get my scrapping stuff put away from the weekend.

A little preview of layouts to come.

Product used: MME papers and train
American Craft Thickers
Hero Arts pearls

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Scrappy Weekend

It has been a great scrappy weekend. I got quite a few layouts done, almost finished my Christmas album,started a small 8X8 albuM for Harlee from our Yellowstone camping trip of last summer. Now I have the pleasure of putting everything away.
So,That means I got to drive to Helena two mornings in a row, since I came home to see Mama Mia, which by the way was so amazing.
The drive to Helena (about 90 miles) is one I never tire off. You come over the hill from the hole where Great Falls sits and this is the view. The Ulm Pishkan Butte on the right and the mountains in the distance.

You continue down the road and soon you are driving alongside the mighty Missouri
River. You often see Bald Eagles or hawks soaring overhead.

Soon you are driving through the canyons and winding road. You can see herds of deer, antelope and occasionally sheep. All under the big sky of MT.

Scrappy project to come in the next few days.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scrapping and a Broadway Show

Tomorrow should be an awesome day!!!!
I am driving down the road to Helena for the weekend to attend their scrap booking weekend. I am coming home tomorrow evening though. Kirsten won tickets to go and see the Broadway Stage production of Mama Mia. She was so excited and invited her mama, that's me, to go with. Yippee!!!! So that means driving home from Helena and going back Friday am.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Arts & Crafts with Nana

I picked Harlee up from the preschool bus and brought her home until her mama got off work. We were talking about her Knick-Knack(Cait). So I thought she should make something so she could physically see how many days until we make the trip to visit her. Out came the paper, glue and trimmer. We made paper links to represent the number of days and connected them all. She was impressed it was almost as tall as her.

It was a good day for Kirsten-she won tickets to go and see Mama Mia and asked me go. So, that is pretty cool. Got my hair cut today and didn't have to go into work.
And still trying to get organized to go scrapping this weekend.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Monday

Like the title says another Monday has almost passed us by.
I managed to get a couple of errands done before I had to run into work for most of the afternoon. It is very slow in the NICU right now. But, I covered for a gal that had a meeting she needed to go to. Oh, yes,the laundry got done too.

Product used: Bazzill cardstock, MME papers
American Craft Thickers
MME brads

Product used: MME papers
American Craft Thickers
Kite from Pink Paislee

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some More Cute Photos

Not to be out done by his sister I have some cute photos of the brother too. From when they spent Easter weekend here.
I got totally cance
led from work today. Trying to upload and print pictures from Sams, that I can scrapbook next weekend. and I put sweet and sour meat balls in the crock pot for dinner, since I had some ground beef in the fridge I needed to use up. Smelling pretty good.
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Little Cowgirl

Tugs at my heart strings. She wanted me to take pictures last weekend when she had all her cowgirl gear on, riding the rocking horse and playing her ukelele..she wants to help do everything with you. She wanted to stay and just have dinner alone at our house, which we did on Thursday. She now knows she likes poppy seed salad dressing and not just ranch. And papa talked her into trying rootbeer yesterday, which she loved.
She makes me laugh. She tells me things in the car after I pick her up from preschool. This week it was growing bigger so she can learn to drive a car(that part is so her mother) and she can drive her nana all around. we also had the conversation whether the Easter bunny is real or not -and she just turned 5. So sad.
Yesterday, she had nana and papa rolling down the hill in the backyard with her. Who else could talk us into doing that?? Grand children sure wear you out, but they make you be young at heart again.
I hate to see her growing up- she is so cute right now.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Friday the 13th!!!

And that can mean a lot of different things to people. For some people it is lucky, and others it is not. Kirsten was married on a Friday the 13th. And Cait wouldn't leave to travel back to the coast in January, because it was a Friday the 13th. She waited an extra day. Just 2 different views from one little family. I am taking a break from Hawaii photos to post a couple of layouts I finished this week.
Product used:Basic Grey base paper and then just scraps from the scrap bit, Ali Edwards clear stamp a few word stikcers from K&Co.
Product used:Bazzill cardstock, SEI patterned papers Title-American Craft Thickers. Embellishments from SEI, Hero Arts flourish stamp I just couldn't get going today. But I didn't need to go anywhere. Paid some bills. Curtis and I went out for lunch. Then uptown was an eyeglass store and I finally went in and ordered a new pair of glasses. They are pretty spiffy-purple and lime green. Then it was time to pick up Harlee from preschool.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Big Island- Hawaii

We would sail during the night and arrive at the next port around 7am. On the island of Hawaii we made 2 stops- both Hilo and Kona. Hilo was our first stop and it is on the northern part of the island and receives a lot of moisture, luckily the day were there -no rain. It was a little cloudy when we started out, but cleared nicely.
Our driver drove us by a few spots in town and then we headed for Rainbow Falls and a orchid farm.


A local native weaving baskets from palm tree fronds.

I could have spent more time at the orchid farm. The flowers were beautiful and so exquisite. And the aroma was beyond description-it was just wonderful
to take it all in.
More tomorrow from Volcano National Park. We visited more National Parks in this little trip than we ever could on the main land.
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