Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Little Cowgirl

Tugs at my heart strings. She wanted me to take pictures last weekend when she had all her cowgirl gear on, riding the rocking horse and playing her ukelele..she wants to help do everything with you. She wanted to stay and just have dinner alone at our house, which we did on Thursday. She now knows she likes poppy seed salad dressing and not just ranch. And papa talked her into trying rootbeer yesterday, which she loved.
She makes me laugh. She tells me things in the car after I pick her up from preschool. This week it was growing bigger so she can learn to drive a car(that part is so her mother) and she can drive her nana all around. we also had the conversation whether the Easter bunny is real or not -and she just turned 5. So sad.
Yesterday, she had nana and papa rolling down the hill in the backyard with her. Who else could talk us into doing that?? Grand children sure wear you out, but they make you be young at heart again.
I hate to see her growing up- she is so cute right now.

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Tracy said...

Oh my goodness these photos are so adorable.
One of my favourite things is to just listen to young ones talk. Some of the things they say make me chuckle and really get me thinking :)
Rolling down a hill....I think I would break a hip doing that, lol.

cait said...

Good thing it isn't too big of hill. c: I cannot wait to see my little magoo!