Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Little Excursion to Benton Lake

Today has been a dull and dreary day. Only went out to retrieve Harlee from the preschool bus. Have plenty here at home to keep me occupied.
Did't sleep well last night- allergies with everything blooming.

Anyway here are a few photos from our little time up at Benton Lake yesterday.
It is always interesting to see what turns out on the other end of the camera. Lots of birds and waterfowl abound.

Interesting shot with the cattails

A swan on the lake

Our state bird with some yet unidentified bird

A yellow headed blackbird

A female shoveller.

A lucky shot. I wanted to take a shot of the mountains wi fresh snow, that we thankfully didn't get. And what popped up as I pushed the button. Voila!!!

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Tracy said...

Great photos :)
Your scenery around your area is so beautiful.

Curtis {!-{> said...

It is a marbled godwit and a tundra swan!