Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Cutie Patootie

I had planned to post some layout today, but a change in plans. It has been such a beautiful day and the blossoms are gorgeous out back and I wanted to take advantage of it. Since we are in for much cooler days ahead and some rainy and maybe snowy weather.

I picked up Harlee from the preschool bus and asked her if she would let me take some pictures with the pretty trees. How could she refuse her nana? We got out the step ladder and up she went. I have some cute results. I took a total of 63 shots and just edited 28 of them. They were that good.

She came in the door and saw I had Girl Scout cookies. She is so her mama's girl. What does she pick out of the box to eat??? Of coarse, her mama's favourites-the Samoans!!!!!!

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Tracy said...

These photo are stunning. You captured her spirit perfectly.
Great background.
We had a bit of snow last night, but it all melted by 10:00am

cait said...

I love that first photo especially with her little nose all wrinkled up. c: