Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Arts & Crafts with Nana

I picked Harlee up from the preschool bus and brought her home until her mama got off work. We were talking about her Knick-Knack(Cait). So I thought she should make something so she could physically see how many days until we make the trip to visit her. Out came the paper, glue and trimmer. We made paper links to represent the number of days and connected them all. She was impressed it was almost as tall as her.

It was a good day for Kirsten-she won tickets to go and see Mama Mia and asked me go. So, that is pretty cool. Got my hair cut today and didn't have to go into work.
And still trying to get organized to go scrapping this weekend.

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Tracy said...

This little one sure is a sweetie. Such a great idea to measure the time until she gets to see her aunty :)

As for the busses being canceled. It wasn't the snow, it was the ice. some of the highways were closed. We tried to chisel the ice of the windshield it was so thick.
The schools weren't cancelled, just the busses. But there are so many kids that live in the country that couldn't make it into town, that I let Kristy stay home ;)

cait said...

I believe I already expressed my feelings about this on facebook, but she's my favorite and I love her sense of style. c: