Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just a Day on Maui

Ok, we are headed back to Hawaii. The first stop on our cruise was the island of Maui. Everything is so green and the plants are huge. It is truly a rain forest. We saw a couple of bumble bees that were beyond big. I don't think we saw the real beauty of this island since it was very overcast and sometimes rainy on our drive along the road to Hana. Long day on the road--not many miles, but the road is often one lane only, winding and sometimes not well maintained. Our driver told us, it is the road from the Beatle's song -"The Long and Winding Road" and I would have to believe him!

-Day is dawning as we sail into Maui.

See,no cloudy skies.

Soon it is cloudy and misting out


I have never seen him wear shorts so many days in a row. But, always a camera in hand.

There are 7 types of ginger root growing there

Yes, bananas grow there too.

Haleakala National Park. The Hawaiian language only has 13 letters-5 vowels and 8 consonants. And one says every letter and vowel.

A volcanic rock fence
Onto my day. I actually went into work for a while. But came home a little after 10. I think my body is finally getting readjusted to this time zone. Got my bathrooms cleaned and made a couple of Easter cards to send. ALso picked up my scrap space a little, as it was in such a mess. And I scrubbed some of the grout on our tike floors. Life is getting back to normal and a winter storm watch for Friday.

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Tracy said...

First I want to say how beautiful you photos are. Your hubby looks so happy and right in his glory with his camera :)
You are so busy. I would want to just veg out for awhile after a vacation like that.