Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Big Island- Hawaii

We would sail during the night and arrive at the next port around 7am. On the island of Hawaii we made 2 stops- both Hilo and Kona. Hilo was our first stop and it is on the northern part of the island and receives a lot of moisture, luckily the day were there -no rain. It was a little cloudy when we started out, but cleared nicely.
Our driver drove us by a few spots in town and then we headed for Rainbow Falls and a orchid farm.


A local native weaving baskets from palm tree fronds.

I could have spent more time at the orchid farm. The flowers were beautiful and so exquisite. And the aroma was beyond description-it was just wonderful
to take it all in.
More tomorrow from Volcano National Park. We visited more National Parks in this little trip than we ever could on the main land.
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Tracy said...

More stunning photos. Those flowers are so colourful and beautiful.