Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Scrappy Weekend

It has been a great scrappy weekend. I got quite a few layouts done, almost finished my Christmas album,started a small 8X8 albuM for Harlee from our Yellowstone camping trip of last summer. Now I have the pleasure of putting everything away.
So,That means I got to drive to Helena two mornings in a row, since I came home to see Mama Mia, which by the way was so amazing.
The drive to Helena (about 90 miles) is one I never tire off. You come over the hill from the hole where Great Falls sits and this is the view. The Ulm Pishkan Butte on the right and the mountains in the distance.

You continue down the road and soon you are driving alongside the mighty Missouri
River. You often see Bald Eagles or hawks soaring overhead.

Soon you are driving through the canyons and winding road. You can see herds of deer, antelope and occasionally sheep. All under the big sky of MT.

Scrappy project to come in the next few days.
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Tracy said...

Even though we didn't drive through Helena on our trip, your photos bring me back to one of the best road trips our family has ever taken.
Thank you