Friday, December 9, 2011

Building a Railroad

Nic visited today and was into trouble as usual. He wanted to open the wrapped gifts under the tree. Then he saw the Snowtown on the piano. And oh, my gosh, there is a train up there and a depot with a railroad sign. It is a magnet to Nic. Also a fire truck with a dalmation dog. He fell off the piano bench once, playing with them. So to refocus his attention, we got him building a railroad on the floor. He was very happy to do this. Tomorrow we will be taking him and Harlee to ride on the Christmas train.


Tracy said...

Awww poor guy fell :)
I can't blame him though, I love to look at the mini towns too :)
He loves his trains and is going to have a blast tomorrow :)

perlyfam said...

I love how the sunlight splashes across your photos!

Thank you so much for the birthday card. It's beautiful and made my day!


mehmkefar said...

Little train engineer in the making.