Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day!

Thanks to all the service men and women who have served and are serving this country.  My hubby has had his turn doing this, and otherwise I would have never met him!

Enjoying a quiet day at home, after putting in 12 long hours at work yesterday.  Kind of grey and cloudy out!

Trying to fit in the last day of photos in the Disney album.  I cannot believe how quickly this has gone together using both pocket pages and traditional layouts.  Next, on my agenda is our first trip to Hawaii.  Excited to start this project!  And of coarse there are always photos of the grand kids to finish up.

Curtis found out this morning, after I nudged him to look, that his passport is expired.  So, that is on his agenda today to get the application filled out.  Good thing mine has a couple of years before it expires! 

Went down to the great Missouri river the other evening and this is what we found.

Lots of Canadian geese and they were not getting along too well!!!

Keep plodding away with the Disney photos.  These ones are riding the train.


Nat said...

Its been a joy watching your disney album being created. Beautiful! Happy memorial day :)

Tracy said...

Wonderful photos of the geese.
Your Disney pages are so fun. I bet you had a great time putting them together and re-living the vacation.
Looking forward to seeing your Hawaii pages.
Wayne and I just re did our passports. But I have to remind the girls to do theirs and theirs expire end of June.

Lisa said...

What adorable train photos!! Your Disney album is just amazing!! And what fun photos of the Geese!! Have a great day :)

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Tracey said...

Great double pager...more fun photos!