Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Perspective!

I saw this on FB this morning. This has been my life for the past 38 years. How can anyone ever understand unless they have walked in my shoes? Just a little reflection going on as I prepare to retire in the near future! I celebrate 40 years of being a nurse this year and 38 of them have been in an NICU environment. You can be experiencing the ultimate day which quickly disintegrates into your worst nightmare. I have witnessed miracles in my career! It is very hard to let go! But, slowly, gradually it is happening!

Neonatal medicine was a pretty new field when I first discovered it in 1976.   There have been so many positive changes for these little tykes.  At first babies 29-30 weeks gestation were the youngest to survive, now the limit is pretty much 23-24weeks.  And Surfactant has been a miracle drug for these smallest of small.  And now a days single patient rooms are found to be the best for preemies.  And kangaroo care for the tiniest.  They thrive when with their mamas. 

Don’t you just like, I don’t know… hold babies all day long?
I hold a baby when I hand him to his mother for the first time, three weeks after his birth date.
I hold a baby when teaching a new mother how to breastfeed her child.
I hold a baby to feed him, to rock him to sleep, to bathe him and bundle him.
I hold a baby when nothing but morphine and walking the halls 24 hours a day is the only thing that will quiet him down while he’s withdrawing from the illegal drugs his mother took.
I hold a baby’s arm still when my fellow nurse inserts an IV.
I hold a baby’s head still while we bag oxygenated air back into his tiny lungs.
I hold a baby when he has no family to hold him.
I hold a baby when he takes his last breaths because his parents didn’t make it to the hospital in time.
I hold a baby when I’m placing his lifeless, tiny hands in plaster to make a keepsake for his parents… because there is no baby to hold anymore.
I hold babies all day long.
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Tracy said...

You touched my heart with your post today.
My niece lost her baby just before she was to give birth to her. And the nurses were so caring and knew exactly what to say to help her through this time.
Thank you for what you do.

Diane said...

Wonderful post, story and pictures.

Hugs Diane

Lisa said...

What a beautiful post!! So touching!! Have a great day :)

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