Saturday, June 14, 2014

Driving All Day

Yesterday we spent a long day on the road! We drove to the coast to visit Caitlin. It will be her birthday this upcoming week!

And we brought a big surprise with us. Harlee tagged along and her auntie didn't know she was coming.

And I left my little adaptor at home that I put on my I pad from my camera to transfer photos. So, no photos.

We stopped at Frank's Diner in Spokane. This is an Presidential rail car that used to be in Seattle which is now in Spokane and has been transformed into a diner. We sat at the bar and got to watch them prepare all the food.

There was a lot of construction on the road. We drove through lots of rain. And there is always lots of traffic once we reach the coast. But Cait was happy to see us and our little princess.

Here is the birthday card That I made for Cait.

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Lisa said...

What a beautiful card!! I love the balloons!! I hope you are rested after your road trip!! Have a great weekend :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

S said...

Sweet card. Glad your trip went well. I hate it when those little adapters decide to hide themselves when we are packing for trips!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to Caitlin :)
Your card is cute, love the layers of balloons :)
I am sure Harlee is thrilled to be on a trip with you two :)

Darnell J Knauss said...

Super cute birthday card, Leslee! I enjoyed your travelogue scrolling down to your most recent card! Harlee is a sweetie and it was fun hearing about the good times you had!! Hugs, Darnell