Saturday, July 19, 2014

Unsafe Air

That is what we are experiencing outside.  It has been deemed code purple, which represents very unhealthy air quality.  They are suggesting people should limit their time outdoors until conditions improve.  Coming from wild fires in Washington, Oregon, and Canada.  You can smell the smoke as soon as you open the door.  My eyes are burning. 
So, I have stayed inside today.  Good reason to work on my Hawaii album.  Moving along slowly.
Yesterday, I managed to get the lawn mowed and watered.  Got the laundry caught up.  The grandkids were here in the afternoon, until their daddy picked them up.  Cooper is toddling around everywhere.  He as found his sea legs!!!!  And if you tell him NO, he falls on the floor and wails.  What an actor.  Starting the terrible twos a little early. 

 A couple of layouts from the Polynesian Culture Centre.


Lisa said...

Oh wow, I hope the air quality improved soon. Your Hawaii layouts are fabulous!! The pictures are amazing!! Absolutely beautiful pages!! Happy Sunday :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Tracy said...

I really hope your air quality improves and those fires are under control soon :(
Great pages !!!

S said...

Code purple does sound ominous. Glad you can stay inside and scrap! These pages looks great.

Tracey said...

Fabulous photos, great memories...really nice layouts! I've never heard of code purple before, great excuse to scrap!