Sunday, March 10, 2013

Playtime with H&N

Yesterday we got to spend some time with H&N while the parents were busy.  We had to send our Wii away because it stopped working. 
That's what they wanted to do when they came over.  First I thought it wasn't working again.  But then noticed the the box was still on the floor unopened.  YES, we have gone through 2 Wii's.  The first one Nic got his hands on.  So, once Curtis put the fixed component back up we were ready to go.  Nic started with playing some Sonic.  He still needs help most of the time.  But Harlee is very proficient at 6 playing the Wii.  She enjoyed playing some Tangled, which she hasn't done in a very long time.  Nic and Papa layed some train track and built some houses. 
They both ate a good lunch.  And neither one wanted to go home(so what else it new).  But they will be coming back on Monday, as they are off school and I am not working. 

Curtis went out and bought Wreck It Ralph, which we watched last evening.  We will take it out for Cait to watch.  And I did some cleaning up of my scrap space.  Although you would never know it now.  And then our clocks sprang ahead last night. 

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cait! said...

I'm digging Nic's outfit! Stripes and Plaids!!!