Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday is a Wrap!

Good Friday is a true holiday in Canada where everything closes down. Not here in the states. And it is one of the most sacred days of the year!

I got to have the grandkids here, since their mum and dad had to work. I managed to get a walk and a shower in before they arrived. They had some breakfast. Nic and I made dough to make some Easter sugar cookies. And, yes, it is still in the fridge. We headed over the hill to get bird seed, and check out the baby chicks and outdoor furniture. We came home and it was outside after that until they went home. They blew bubbles. They rode in Nic's car. They dug in the dirt. They had a picnic lunch outside. They rode on their scooters. They played with chalk and rode on the swing. A full day. Not once did they want to come in. So you know what that means--- Nana needed to be out there with them. So, I did a little outside clean up.
Once they left I needed to run to the grocery store since I am cooking up dinner tomorrow. I am one tired nana tonight.

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Tracy said...

Those little ones are so lucky to have a nana like you, who never tires ;)
Enjoy your weekend