Saturday, March 2, 2013

Picture of the Week #9

Tis the Season of Lent.  And that means it is hot cross bun time.  And I make our hot cross buns.  People are excited to eat my Hot Cross Buns.  The girls at work are really upset if they miss the day I take them in.  They are very yummy.  Here is a sample of what I made earlier this week.

Worked today and back tomorrow for half a shift.  Got someone to cover the afternoon, as it is Kirsten's baby shower and I wanted to be able to go.  She is taking Harlee too.  More to report on this tomorrow. 


Tracy said...

Not sure if I have ever had a hot cross bun...but they look yummy :)

cait! said...

Hot cross buns ARE THE BEST. No wonder they're sad when they miss'em. c: