Monday, March 18, 2013

A Little Taste of Spring

Curtis and I have been spending the last few days out here on the coast visiting Caitlin.
Spring has definitely arrived here!!! The trees have blossoms and little spring flowers are popping up through the soil. It will be at least another month before we experience this in Montana. Kind of nice to enjoy.
The weather has been mostly rainy as expected! And kind of chilly- in the 40's. But it has been nice spending time with my baby. I think she has enjoyed the pampering too!!!
She arrived at our hotel on Friday afternoon with this beautiful bouquet of daffodils in an awesome vintage vase, which was my birthday present.

The view down the street from where we are staying

A little springtime

Lots of rain!

It's pretty hilly out here. Driving to out hotel.

But, a gorgeous sunset to end our day!

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Tracy said...

So sweet of her to bring you such pretty flowers :)
We are getting ready for a snow storm here :( Its been snowing since dinner.
But love to look at the pretty blooms.

cait! said...

I'm glad you like your vase!