Monday, March 11, 2013

Five Little Bunnies

I have been cutting out bunnies on my Silhouette in preparation to make some Easter card.  Getting more comfortable using that machine.  Kind of a learning curve with it. 
Yesterday, I got my bathrooms cleaned.  Made a couple of things for Kirsten to add to her freezer.  Curtis did our taxes.  He is such a procrastinator with them, I can't believe it is only Mar11 and they have been done and filed!!!!!  There is hope!

Today, H&N spent the day here as there was no school!  We did some creating!!!  Nic was pretty preoccupied with the big crop-a-dile!!!  Harlee was making snowflakes and made an eye patch and some art for Knic-Knac(Cait).  The TV won't turn on---not sure what is with that, so they watched Wreck It Ralph on my portable DVD player.  They were pretty good.  Nic found the old game boy and I gave him a pouch to put it in and then he wanted ear phones.  He was quite the sight.  I will post photos tomorrow. 
And we had SNOW.  It came down pretty good for a while.  It can be done, thank you.  We have had enough for this season!

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Tracy said...

Cute bunnies :)
Sounds like the little ones enjoyed another day with you :)