Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

The calendar says spring has arrived! It was pretty warm here today and super windy! But,winter hasn't said good bye yet, I'm afraid.

Had a busy day. After being gone all weekend I needed some groceries. I also needed to run the washer and dryer. I had to have an ultrasound. And while I was at the hospital ran up to talk to my manager. Picked up the princess after school. Her mum had an ultrasound to check fluid levels. She is 36 weeks today, but the baby is measuring at 38-39 weeks and weighing in around 8 lbs.
After dinner Kirsten called for me to go and check out Nic. He had a fall at the other grandparents and did his chin in. It was a little deep but I put a waterproof bandage on. I don' think a trip to the ER was what he or Kirsten needed this evening. Cait said we should have super glued it shut.

Pictures are from our drive home yesterday.

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1 comment:

Tracy said...

That is a nice photo of you and your hubby :)
Awww poor Nic :(
Hope your ultrasound is fine.