Saturday, March 23, 2013

Picture of the Week#12

The picture I have chosen for this week is of my adorable granddaughter.  She is looking awesome in the new dress Cait and I picked out for her when we were in Seattle last weekend.  She is looking so grown up any more.  And I don't like that one little bit.  I want her to stay little and innocent.  Don't you just love the red cowgirl boots??  She is such a fashionista!!!

Yesterday she got to dress up as her favourite book character for school.  And who does she go as--- who else, Fancy Nancy!!! She just loves those books.  I bought a bunch off Zulily to put away for her. 
Curtis and I went to her school carnival last night and worked the fishing booth with her kindergarten teacher.  We were there about an hour and it was a busy little place. 
Today was kind of interesting.  I was to be off work--I had worked that out with my manager early this week, so I could help Kirsten and watch the munchkins.  Well, last evening when I came home from the carnival there was a message on the phone.  Would I be on call for someone - her son had had surgery the other day.  I wouldn't have to go into work. Sure, I believe in helping my co-worker out.  But I get screwed every time.  The phone rings at 0430 this morning and they needed me.  I hadn't slept well at all, probably worrying what would happen.  And the day gets crazier.  So it is one regular nurse and 2 registry nurses for 5 babies.  The other registry nurse goes home sick.  So the gal that was to float to peds comes in.  I discharge a baby home and then the charge nurse couldn't decided what to do-send me home or keep me.  In the end I came home around 1230 and was on call for the rest of the day.  Curtis picked me up and when took H&N to MacDonald's for lunch. 
I am happy to be off tomorrow!!!!!


Tracy said...

She is such a cutie :)
Love her red cowboy boots, I remember having a pair myself ;)
Hope you enjoyed your day off :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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