Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27

It has been quite the day and I am glad that it is almost over. I am emotionally drained!!! Caitlin has been suffering with back pains for a while. It all started when her work place moved offices and they did not have her working at an appropriate desk. She is a tall gal and has been crunched over at her desk since late summer. She had been to see the Dr. and physio, but the last week things have escalated. And she just need to be more aggressive about getting some medical attention. She can barely walk! And she can't see the specialist until Feb.5.

It is times like this I hate her being so far away. She is so independent. But it is so frustrating for this mama far away. I know she is so physically and mentally run down.. but she got in to see the MD and he prescribed her some meds and she also got in for some physio. It all exhausts me too.

I also went into work for some in service and then to stay another hour for a gal. I got the laundry done that I forgot yesterday. Ironed some shirts for Curtis since he is back on the road tomorrow. Worked a tiny bit on my Dec. memory book which I will share here. And Kirsten and the kids visited after school.

I am using Simple Stories Snap album.

I did a page on the beginning of advent. I still need to fill in the Journaling.

The weather was a big topic for us in Dec. So cold!

Lots of photos of this little guy since it was his first Christmas!

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Tracy said...

Your pages are wonderful :)
I hope your daughter gets the help she needs and feels better soon.